Ketchup?? Who Ordered the Ketchup??

Here I sit… Working diligently at my computer. Sipping mint tea, listening to the thunderstorm outside, wishing whatever hell demon that crawled into my body would just simply fucking leave- (sorry, Hubby and I have watched three seasons of Supernatural over the course of the last two months). I feel like complete and utter crap. I managed to get through a shift a work and not kill anyone- in spite of that many reasons I had to go completely bat-shit crazy on a few customers (explanation later). Hubby left for a night shift on the ambulance and I have a few things on my to do list for the evening- and considering how I feel- I am not even certain how many of them will actually happen.

In reflection- I wish I was back up in the Upper Peninsula with Hubby. I wish I could see more of Drummond Island- the place my husband called home for more than 18 years- the island that created the man I love so dearly. I wish we were back in Tahquamenon Falls, listening to the thunderous roar of the waterfalls cooking dinner in the campfire; laughing at the conversations we can hear from other campsites; living life without cell phone reception. I wish we were back at Whitefish Point, picking up lake superior agates and hearing the whispers of ship wreck victims in the museum. I wish we were back hiking along the towering cliffs and dizzying heights of the trails along the tops of the Pictured Rocks, or standing on the beach at Miner’s Beach staring up at the magnificent walls of rock while our toes dip into the amber colored water of the river. I wish we were curled up in our room at Scotty’s Motor Inn looking at all the photos I had taken while planning our which waterfalls to go see before dinner. I wish we were at Kitch-iti-kipee Springs in a monsoon-esque downpour looking through the viewing port on the hand pulled raft at the fish swimming in the flawless blue water below us.

We had so much fun on our trip. I am terrified to think of the amount of hiking we did. Well- it was enough that all my comfortably baggy jeans now fall off my ass and enough to shrink my fingers to the point of my losing my wedding band, on the day of our 7 year wedding anniversary somewhere on the miles of hiking trails were strolled along somewhere in Tahquamenon Falls. Hubby bought me a new ring in Munising- have no fear J I know I am still going through, editing, and sorting the over 4500 pictures I took on our trip. Scenic landscapes, breathtaking waterfall shots, night sky pictures that are unbelievable even to me the photographer, and I have no idea how many pictures of my bare feet on the dash of the rental as we drove.
Here’s a small taste of what I took:

Back to present day… Customers today at work seemed to be a whole new level of pissy and weird. There was Mr. Let me lean in and get 6 inches from your face with road kill breath. There was Mrs. Let’s make a deal- no, you will actually give me a discount. There was Mr. Complain how old he is like I could give a rat’s ass. There was Mr. I haven’t bathed in weeks- but I am going to ask you out to dinner your fine little lady… Oh- and did I mention Saturday is misbehaving, breaking shit, screaming kids day?? Yeah- that was pure pleasure with a screaming migraine!

Self inflicted crazy busy... My hours (for whatever reason) at work got docked significantly for the next two weeks (like I asked for at least 20, no more then 25 hours- usually got 26 or 27 to oh, yeah… 12 hours) so I figured, you know what? I want to photograph creepy shit! Like seriously cool, spooky, Halloween type stuff, and maybe a few paid gigs in between so I started booking them- in spite of all the photo editing I have to do from the trip. Then… I get coerced by my mother and husband to create and enter a piece of my artwork into an art show by the middle of next month. So- there’s a little bit more pressure added onto the pile. I have to be artsy and picture takey and photo edity.

Then (now) my body over the last three days has decided I suck as a suitable host and is trying to kill me. Mother Nature’s wonder of the month isn’t exactly helping with the achy tired bullcrap- but now I have had a constant migraine for going on three days now… Yes I am drinking water, taking migraine meds, drinking teas, sleeping enough, drinking enough caffeine- still- there is a troll within my right temple gently ripping my brain tissues with a dull spoon while hammering at my skull with an ice pick. My tummy is either churning and making me burp battery acid or as woozy as a bad acid trip- each time I bend over it’s a death match to keep my last three meals inside of me and not outside in  a Technicolor yawn! And I am pretty much to the point of why even wear pants if I have to make a trip to the bathroom even fifteen damn minutes. And while I am sitting in there- I am calculating exactly how much money I have spent by way of using toilet paper!! I am miserable. I really am!!!

So… Not that I have WAY OVERSHARED… My tea cup is empty, my insides are trying to leave via- well… I am not exactly sure which direction they are headed, and I have to start work on figuring out what exactly I am going to draw on this massive canvas in my living room… Fun fun fun!!! Next blog will have a few progressive pictures of my piece for the art show J


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