The Good, The Goofy- SWMCCC Summer Weekend from My Perspective

After too damn many cigarettes, six cans of monster (3 day total, not just tonight), nail biting "did it save" moments in photo shop, and more "cosmetic surgery" then any damn doctor has ever done... My pictures from SWMCCC Summer Weekend, where I was given the titles of  "Head Cat Wrangler" and "Comedy Relief for the Girls"- are done. And here they are, without further ado!!!

Monique had the boys lined up for at least an hour!!!

Pretty girls... Sure. Pretty flowers!!!

Then I turn the camera on my fellow photographers...

Pine Grove Shoot Night Two!!!

Beach Shoot!! Too damn early after night two of absolutely no sleep...

It's like they've never seen a mermaid before!!! Oh.. Wait... They haven't.

Bonus points to any readers that can pick out the guy referenced in the first of the two blogs yesterday!!!

Architecture and photo props...

Yes. I went to church ladies and gentlemen.. How could I not? Look at these windows!!!

And Now.... For the Model Related Pictures!!!!
Fisrt up- Windmill Island Gardens.

Next Up- A small taste of what I shot in the studio sets...

Not sure how I feel about my wife- Valkryie Wolfe with another man...

Differnet outfits, different ladies... But damn- you cannot beat that level of seduction, can you???

"Throw a Kick at Me"... I am stupid proud of this picture.

"Wanna do a hair flip?"

Forget prom.... Who needs prom with it's sweaty boys in gross tuxedos and rancid flat "fruit punch" when you have a photo studio?


Strangers before Summer Weekend- smoking hot in the images we took there... Power Duos

See... the floor can be fun!!!

On the left- "We're serious models" 
On the right- "When Glamazons attack- the last thing a photographer sees"

Then... Doing that serious model type stuff.

And... We're back outdoors!!!

I absolutely love the look on Brie's face...


She's a model!!

"Do a Baywatch run!!"

 "I feel like Darth f@#$ing Vader!!"

Aw look everybody!!! It's a mermaid!!! That- that right there is dedication to one's character- the water was 58 degrees and she was in it for 45 minutes.

Then there was that architectural foot tour of Holland around campus... Just look at those electrical boxes! Wait, no- girls... You're in the shot!

The lines of those stairs!! The symmetry... Girls!!! Not again!!

So um... yeah... I'm totally there looking like a dork.

Aw hell... After no sleep for four days, surrounded by pretty girls- of course the photographer is going to absolutely loose her shit and pretend it's the good old days:)


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