Clone- Heal- Crop- Color Correct....

I am forcing myself into a break from editing to write a blog, to catch up on my blog records, and what was that other thing?? It was a deep burning ache of importance… OH YEAH!! To pee!!! I have been sitting here since oh… ten this morning and according to my clock- it is now 1:26pm. I have 82 images left to edit, from a beginning of 323 images to edit from the big multi model shoot I did on the 25th of July- right before leaving to do my duties of SWMCCC Model Coordinator at Hope College for four days.

I was buried with photo editing before I left. A single model shoot (100 images to edit)- that since it was for her turn at SWMCCC and she canceled, along with her boyfriend that day the whole thing started (one- er two of seven model cancellations that day)- I have bumped her images to the back burned for once I get caught up on other editing and/or when I feel like it. I did manage to get 25 edited shots to her prior to the vent, so she can just deal with that for now. There was the Avatar shoot I did with Brie the day before the previously mentioned shoot- that was 1.5 hours of hand painting my model blue head to toe. Super fun- awesome images!!!

Then I did the multi-shoot with four models by the end of it all on the 25th of July (323 images before the addition of special edits) in which I am in the middle of editing today- hopefully to get them done and sent out to the girls before Wednesday’s shoot. Just this past Saturday I did a quickie paid shoot (still managed to have to edit 139 photos) which I did in its entirety yesterday to get them shipped out to the model and the model’s boss since it was a promotional shoot for a Vapors shop in Grand Haven.

Did I mention- in the midst of all this editing- there are 800 images I have been picking at editing wise from SWMCCC that I took? Oh, and managing all the images other photographers took- shipping them out to models as they come in??? Good thing I bought a new cooling tray for the laptop before I left- she’d have a melt down by now!!

Clone select here- touch this up. Oops- shit! I missed a zit in that shot- did I miss it in all of them? Reopen files- crap, crap, crap… I did miss it!! Start over. Son of a bitch!! Damn bug! Why is that there? Great- the tree is coming out of her head- well damn. Clone. Clone. Clone. Heal. Color correct for skin tone… adjust… adjust… Levels correcting- too light, too dark… There that’s perfect! Whew- done. Damn, now I have to bulk change everything to websized… Over and over and over again- this has been my life for the last three days.

I think I am getting a wee bit tired of photo shop. Let’s see how many images total left to edit? (Opens calculator- types in numbers… 82 from the multi shoot left + 222 from Swmccc left= aw hell- 304 IMAGES!!!) I can do this. I can do this… Maybe not all today, but I can do this!!! Cracks open another monster- takes a sip… Ahhh…. Let’s do this!!!

Wait- I’m not done with the blog. Hmmm…. Where was I??
SWMCCC Summer Weekend. Oh yeah- that’s where I was. I was the Model Coordinator- still am if you count the sorting of images, renaming images so the photographer’s name is attached to the file (they tend to get cranky if the model posts the photo without giving them credit.) In reverse I have been dealing with my models getting miffed at the photographers who have been submitting images to Facebook and not me to get to them. Can’t you follow the rules? Seriously?? Oh well- I have gotten images from 6 photographers- still waiting on images from exactly 51. Ugh. Gees.

During the event there was stress. A lot of it. Most of which I will not go into, nor will I mention how I dealt with such stress. Outside of silent crying during my four sleepless nights and the ever emotional phone call to my Hubby- I dealt with it. Next year- it won’t exist. Hopefully. Plus next year I know how things roll, how to do things better, and how to take things in stride. Yes- I said next year. I was told I would be model coordinator for next year- not invited like this year, told. The accolades have been rolling in via Facebook and e-mail- each one giving me an aw shucks moment followed by a tad bit of blushing. The newly gained title looks hella good on my photography resume and will hopefully keep opening doors.

I met a lot of awesome people and I also met at least one specific creepy ass weirdo that fought me at every turn, picked fights when he could, and persisted on following me around muttering under his breath that I had no fucking clue what I was doing. Who was I to tell him what to do? He’s been coming to the event for 20 years… Good for you creepy “Point-and-shoot-camera, toothpick-chewing-guy!” Good for fucking you! Here’s hoping he won’t be there next year, and if he is- well- I know killing him with kindness won’t work, so I guess it’ll be turbo-bitch from the get go. All in all- percentage wise- I’d have to say the experience was 85% great, 15% suck. The suck percentage of course was due to stress that didn’t need to happen, assholes treating me like some punk kid, and putting out “brushfires” about every ten minutes.

But.. I have farted around enough with a blog for today… So I will leave you with a few pictures from the Avatar shoot… More to come- god knows I am busy editing today. Stay tuned for a blog filed with behind the scenes images from SWMCCC Summer Weekend 2014.


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