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Lightning Bottle 2014

I think I have perfected how to do it now... Only thing is now that I have it perfected-
A. actual cloud to ground strikes would be epic
B. If in the middle of the night- my ass has to get up
and C.- Must remember bug spray sooner!!!

Until the next go around- check this out!!!!

Head on over to Michelle L. Premer Photography to order one of these as a print for your wall!!!

I Am A Nude Art Photographer!

I read an article online this weekend about nude art photography. It’s an open letter written by Sven Elliard: The Irrational Fear of Nude Art Photography (Google it, seriously. It is a fabulous article). While I had never heard of this photographer until reading this article- his point of view inspired me. And woke me up to something I have been “hiding” from due to society’s imposed upon “standards”.
(climbs up step ladder to the highest soapbox of them all, waits for the fireworks and fanfare to subside before starting a rant…)

I am a photographer- er, wait. Backup. I was a nude model in my college years and am now a photographer. While I have never actually set a standard answer to the question- “What do you photograph?” Because I photograph a lot of things. I photograph almost everything! Landscapes, flowers (macro and distant, but more macro), insects, weather, street photography, urban landscapes- then if by almost instinct in a hushed tone I say “artistic nudes”. Why? Why drop…