Um... So I Thought This Was a Day OFF???

I have a day off today... Did I sleep in? Nope. Not a chance. Ya know why?? Well- here's the explanation... Sienna's bladder only holds out until seven am. Everyday. Every damn day. Not only did she have to potty bright an early- but the re-occurrence of fleas had her itching so badly she was shaking the floor. So, I left snoring Hubby in bed and let the dog out. Then, his phone started blowing up. Texts and phone calls... Over and over... I was not pleased. And wide awake. So I washed dishes, made a pot of coffee and woke up 

Hubby to bless him with his phone and calls to make, texts to return. 
Grumbling and not so pleased I was awake- I helped Hubby off to work and then the real joy of the day began. First- fed Sienna. Then fed the guniea pigs their dry chow and filled their hay mangers, because- they too, decided to make tons of noise this morning. Once Sienna was fed, she and mommy went to the basement and I proceeded to wash her (with blue Dawn because it kills any and all fleas instantly) until my fingertips tingled. Then I needed a shower. Then started the the process of four loads of laundry and hanging them on the clothesline. I tie dyed a couple shirts, got them drying. Picked up the limbs and junk strewn across the yard from the massive apocalypse storm Wednesday night, and began work on my DIY tee shirt to tank tops project. In between rounds of photo editing for this here blog and many a FB updates- I have made about four tee shirts into tank tops, with the two tie dyed shirts on the clothesline waiting for their turn with my scissors and skills.

Now that it is time for me to move along to my next round of creativeness (oh yeah, and putting away four loads of laundry)- more tee shirt/tank top work and hopefully some new doodling- I will leave you with a summary of the photography I have been doing lately!!

The Berlin Fair 2014
Hubby and I went down there for an evening of wandering around, photographing animals, and eating the yearly quantity of olive burgers from the fireman's booth... Mmmmm- nom nom nom nom...

Mother Nature and her powerfully, beautiful wrath...
It's been stormy over the last couple weeks. No- I haven't photographed any lighting. Why? Because I am either at work, caring for a cowering Sienna, or didn't get out of bed fast enough to not get outside ahead of the storm, and really- REALLY like the idea of not getting myself electrocuted. But I still have gotten a few shots off...

These next ones were taken when I got home from work at the farm store Wednesday night- I was captivated by the beautiful sky... Then I realized what had just happened. While I drove home from work , I was driving into a massive storm- however never actually got into it. I stopped at my parents (two minutes West of my home) and had a beer and a chat with my Dad for half an hour. Little did I know, that seriously just two miles east of us, at my home, in my neighborhood- hell was being unleashed at the rate of 2.25 inches of rain in 30 minutes as well as howling winds pushing against the 80 MPH mark. It rumbled at mom and dads, but no rain- no wind...

Another part of my childhood ripped away, this time by Mother Nature. Sad to see the great tree I grew up playing under fallen like this, however, just another sign that maybe- just maybe, dude that "lives" at the old homestead really isn't "wanted here" by some mystical forces...

Meanwhile I my own yard- I have my favorite shady shelter outside my office window, Gram's Russian Olive tree that will be getting the chainsaw treatment tomorrow due to it being snapped off at ground level, leaning against the house. As well as giving limbs, from the Sycamore tree- big ones, that folded back on themselves but didn't break completely, the chainsaw treatment.

-The Photography Bucket List-
I have a photography buckets list- it is long and covers almost everything imaginable (and some things not). I have it typed up and printed, tucked safely away in my camera bag and will probably never post it online- (least till its completed). Why? Because it seems as though there has been a lot of idea stealing on the interwebs, a photographer friend of mine has had her ideas used without credit given, and I shudder to think that very possibly the same has been occurring to me and my work. I cannot waste the time to copyright an idea- however, that doesn't mean that is doesn't piss me the hell off when and if I catch someone stealing my ideas... Thus- my bucket list, my secret.

Close Ups (Macro) of Insects...
Since I got my new triple set of macro lens for monster camera- there will certainly be more of these!!! (Humblest apologies if your skin crawls a little)

Little kids dressed as Super Heros- enough said, right?

Little kids splashing in puddles... Sweet, innocent, and not my mess to clean up!

Running horses- until I happen upon a beautiful white mare running around in the sunrise glow of daybreak and have my camera and a charged set of batteries miraculously with me- this will do.

I am now bedazzling my doodles!! Why? Because I friggin' can, and it looks awesome!!!!

And- if you have ever wondered what it looks like to be a photographer in the moment... Here is it stolen from Hubby's smartphone- what I looked like working with the three beautiful models- 
And the resulting image- 


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