This Photographer's Life

Once upon a time- there was a wicked great meteor shower promised- it didn't happen as far as I could tell, however- I did get some great night sky pictures.

Little things happen during photo shoots that draw the attention away from the lovely models- like pink paint powder falling in a fluffy dandelion.

Then- I sit in the yard with my camera to take pictures of birds...

Or crawl around in the ditch near my mailbox to photograph wild flowers and bumble bees....

Friday and Saturday Hubby and I spent two days in Rockford doing the Start of Summer Celebration. Great for people watching and for nature shots... Lots of fun and way too much carnival food for this lady!!

Then something awesome happened- on our way home from grocery shopping Sunday- Hubby and I caught a glimpse of my Mom and Dad's new neighbor- a red tail fox!!!

Some seed weeds- I see wishes:)


  1. Especially love the pink dandelion shots! How original and just plain cool looking!


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