Where the Hell Have I Been?? (Caution Photo Overload!!!)

Life is busy. I know, like I haven't opened every late ass, over due blog with that line, right? Well, it has been. Work has been frantic to say the very least- stress inducing frantic- god bless the uptick in sales during the bursts of spring we get here in the the frozen Michigan lands. And when I am not at work- I am catching up on home stuff. But as of late- I have been forcing photographic & artistic playtime in between loads of laundry, cat litter box cleaning, and yard work when the weather suits.

Here's what I have been actually up to, creative wise- I have been creating my own westerns out of my mom's old Western saddle and their our building and fields. Note that gorgeous dog... Yeah, Sienna finally made it into a photo shoot- with purpose even- not just dog butt photo bombs.

It's the time of year where my favorite park comes to life. Starting with the stunning flower and my personal favorite this side of lavandar and orchids of all kinds. Hubby loves coming along to watch me do what he affectionately calls "Camera Yoga" and Sienna gets to go for a good romping walk. I have been doing some amazing photography of nature-


Then, sometimes the moment hits where I want to showcase life without hauling out my monster camera. Then my smart phone comes in hand- like when I am doodling.

Celebrating May the 4th by watching episode 4 and eating kraut and kielbasa... 

After Hubby has made an excellent meal- (Golden Rod Eggs and toast on the left, Steamed Artichoke with fondue pot holding melted butter on the right) 

When cuddles on the kitchen floor with a most recently misbehaving Sienna turns into something precious... 

When a cloudy day makes the Pansies in my mom's garden just simply glow... 

When Morganna provides supervision during photo editing.... 

Or when I am in blissful happy land looking at my new stove behind a fresh bouquet of lilacs from the yard and my almost gone vent Vanilla Iced Macchiato from Starbucks.

Then... My god... Then there was the unplanned, seat of my baggy blue jeans, three bottles of wine later-Making Ze Arte:

Then came the paints. The best investment from Amazon yet (save for eight seasons of NCIS for $52.00 a few years ago)... They played. They tossed paint. On a cloudy cold day, where the wind was whistling along at a brisk gusty 40 miles an hour, standing in ankle deep water behind my old pole barn... It was the best fun I have had a a shoot to date!! And I hope to do this again, and again, and again!!! Each time will no doubt be different with different models, but my god... Just look at the results!!! Yes, they have been cropped- protecting the kiddies from seeing something they shouldn't!


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