Physical Haiku!!

The human body is an amazing critter. You can go and go and go, then suddenly- you wake up in a pile of clean laundry on the bed having lost two hours of your day off. Go and Go and Go... Yeah, that's me. But times that three by about 10 I think. The day job at the farm store has kept me at a pleasant level of stress and busy. Home life- busier. All my spring yard work is done- bushes trimmed, stones raked from the yard, leaves raked away from flower beds and new garden ideas snapping and popping in my brain and I am aching to get things done- like the wild flower bed for photography this year. Income taxes got done and filed, and hell we even got a little money back this year, always good. My newly minted position as a model coordinator for an extremely large photography based event is keeping my mind racing- do this, plan this, spend this, keep records.

I just had five days off from work- two were actually requested, my lead manager was nice enough to toss in three extra ones in there- not planned on, but I guess good in hindsight. Friday I caught up on house chores that were long in need of doing. Saturday and Sunday- while in the midst of raging spring storms and heavy rains- Hubby and I renovated the guest room and my office. Filling the large trash bin with bag after bag of sorted out crap, installing cabinets, sorting, organizing, cleaning. We gained hella floor space and dwindled down the chaos to organized chaos of both rooms. Monday- up at it early as I had a doctors appointment at 7am, then ran errands and began the final stages of work on the glass hutch Hubby has been working on the past 2 months. We painted it with base coat and made a plan of attack on what was next. The day ending with watching Ironman 3 (holy suck fest) and Captain America. Tuesday- up early again for a meeting at GVSU for Hubby (didn't pan out but things are getting figured out) then back home to work on the hutch. Our awesome friend Autumn came over and started her laundry, went to an awesome lunch at Noodles and Company, then went to see Captain America Winter Soldier.

Yes, I watched three Marvel comic movies in less then 24 hours- add to that a super sized gallon of movie theater Mountain Dew and a large tub of candy from the Wonka machine and I was ready to take on the world- or barf a rainbow. Niether of which happened. We came home, finished Autumn's laundry, ate dinner, and relaxed the rest of the evening. Wednesday- back to the grind at work. Hubby had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off. Yeah- four days off, finally!!! However we managed to not sleep in a single day, nor did we do the ritual have breakfast together on our mornings off- not once. That's how busy we kept ourselves! If anything- I made the whole tired, need to recharge the body thing worse. Staying up till midnight, getting up at six or seven every morning... No wonder my body gave me a good hard physical haiku today! Five fingers= five lines + high speed and POW!!! Knocked the hell out by a physical haiku!!

Right now- sitting here at the computer, trying to figure out what to type next I have realized that I feel pretty good. Lighter. No, I didn't poop. Lighter in the sense that the unplesant invisible weight of things that need to get done, things on the to do list are gone. For the moment. My photo editing it done and caught up. My list of things I want to photograph this year is ever growing but requires something I purchased on Amazon to get here, a willing model and warmed weather (for at least one idea). Do I still have things to do? Yes. I need to fold the one last load of laundry when the dryer is done. I need to make the rub for the steaks Hubby will be bringing home for dinner. And, honestly- that's it! I can even doodle today!!! Awesome!! I think that's what I'm going to do... I am going to grab my doodle tool box (yes, an actual toolbox filled with markers, pens, pencils, eraser, colored pencils- my doodle tools) and a couple of my super huge new sketch books I bought on sale last week and go do my thing!!! Love it!!!

Psssst.... Here's a hint for one of many of my crazy ass photography ideas I will do this summer.... Not my picture- found it on Pintrest.

And here's a could new doodles- there are more... Just don't have them photographed yet :)


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