Beautiful Ladies Eveyrwhere!!!

I can complain about housework not getting done (especially because that would be my fault), I can complain about work (or the people I work with or serve at my register), I can complain about the weather (wouldn't do any good and doesn't when I do), and I can complain when plans fall through (because that's just frustrating- let's face it). But- what a CANNOT complain about is the fact that I get to photograph amazing, beautiful, powerful women at my whim and pleasure... It's a hard life- that of a photographer, ain't it? (huge wink).

CJ wanted me to be the photographer to capture her first snow photo shoot. After re-locating to using my home for the shoot (originally she wanted to go out to Grand Haven and play on the icebergs. But there was thick cloud cover that wouldn't give us great light, oh and it was 3 degrees with a stiff wind). We opted for home base for location shooting which provided time for my camera to thaw between sets and a warming blanket and hot cocoa furnished by my husband. That's right. My hubby got to warm p the nude model with blankets and heat packs between sets- how lucky is that guy anyways?

CJ Ferris

There's something to be said about a screaming yellow bikini and snow boarding boots, isn't there?

During dinner (also furnished by Hubby), I came up with the hair brained idea... What about a model, completely nude, standing in front of the headlights of a vehicle on a snowy road? She was all for it. After dinner, we dashed out into the now sub-zero night to grab a few quick shots. Hubby was the wheel man, I was the photographer, and CJ- well she's the stunning lady in front of the truck. Love the effect of the exhaust, don't you??

Then, with perfect planning and an open minded gal- this past Saturday welcomed a boudior shoot for a friend of mine. A present for her Hubby's birthday. She's never modeled before (nope, not once) and with minimal coaching from me and the support of a full length mirror- we got these spectacular images!

These are hot off the photo editing press. While we didn't do everything we wanted to (she's booked a summer outdoor session with me, we can try again then) what we did get is absolutely awesome! I am definitely keeping the makeshift bed on the floor of the studio idea around:)

I think these are the perfect shots from probably my last photo shoot in the current studio.

Boudior for a Friend

As I mentioned before- the studio (Workshoots) is moving to a bigger, better location at the end of this month. It will be a little chaotic and probably take a little time to get the new place set up to what we want it  to be- but work is already being done there to make the transition down time and little as possible. I haven't seen the new place yet, but I have high hopes from what I have heard already.


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