Mini Vacation and Green...

I promised green and happy and spring time... Here it is!!!
Now, for the "guided tour" part. It's really more like how to fully experience these photos and feel the spring I felt while taking these lovely photographs

Boil some water in a tea kettle. While you're waiting for that, gather up some potting soil, one small bowl, one large bowl, a good sized bath towel, and you're favorite gourmet chocolate bar.

Got'em? Good. Put a healthy lump of potting soil into the smaller bowl, fill it about half way. Then pour some of that boiling water over top. Make a good soupy muddy mess in that little bowl. Set the little bowl, in the big bowl, and pour some more hot water in the larger bowl. Now... Drape the bath towel over your head and shoulders (and maybe computer monitor, however I have heard that moisture and computers don't mix, so maybe you shouldn't do that last bit). Breath deeply. You're now in the tropical conservatory... Humid air smelling of luscious earth surrounds you, fills your lungs, makes your skin glow with traces of sweat.... Ahhhhh.... feels good doesn't it?

After the tropical conservatory... We head into the Arid Climate Garden. So toss the towel, and bowls of muddy steaming water. Well, don't TOSS'EM, TOSS'EM... That's just going to make a mess and possibly stain the carpet. Set that aside and gather up a lamp with a bright bulb (take the lampshade off of something) and a portable space heater (ya know, the ones you've been curling up to like a teddy bear the last four months)...
Crank up that space heater on high and set it very near your face. Turn on the light, also very near you- feel that fake sunshine and hot dry wind? Kinda like the desert, eh? Well, you know- sans that whole sand up your cracks, crannies, and whoo-haa!

Now... As for that gourmet chocolate bar? Dude, you were just on a mini vacation and you haven't eaten it yet? Seriously??? Who doesn't eat chocolate on a mini vacation?? I think I'm a little ashamed of you right now. I have half devoured my milk chocolate bacon bar and I just wrote a silly little blog!

Have a great day!!!


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