Coming Clean...

So- the house is dramatic clean. Dusted, glass cleaned, vacuumed, junk picked up and tossed out, laundry done, dishes done, pig beds freshened, curtains open, bed sprayed with disinfectant and made, basement swept. I even went so far as to snow bank the house outside, cleared away the garage door of snow, cleaned up where the trash can goes so it sits level... Just. Simply. Clean. On top of venturing out and cleaning the photo studio this morning (oh boy, it was just... just... oh boy) and painting the seamless back drop while I was there.

You clean and organize when something in your life is out of control. And yes- this is indeed fact, but up until today I have been too sick to even do yoga, much less actually clean. Another reason for cleaning perhaps (the whole icky sick crud crap that still lingers in my lungs and sinus cavities) has finally for the most part lifted away and left us weak and building our bodies back up. But to get back to the "out of control" issue.

My beloved FB spy has been at it again- in a major way. Using me to get my husband in trouble. Um, no. Serious trouble which stirs a volcanic fire in my veins- trying to hurt someone I love just because you are a douche and have nothing better to occupy your time? Really?? UM- Grow the hell up!!! Well, it seems there is a silver lining to the situation in spite of my being the go to person to pin the blame on (constantly!) but, whatever. As long as they figure out that just maybe I didn't do is all that really matters. Am I hoping for a formal apology- sure. That would be great. But that would be an admission of wrong doing and seriously- that will never happen. Too many egos in the way. But resolution is far from final and thus being the out of control issue in my life that I am trying to compensate for by way of cleaning.

I am just so tired of it. Get over whatever your problem is with whomever you are pissy with and move along. Seriously. Are you like 16? Really? It makes my stomach turn that I have honestly given thought to deleting all my FB accounts just to remedy the issue. Just to be done with it. But that would hurt me in many ways. I have friends I talk to primarily on FB, my PINK Project is social media based and extremely important to me, and then there's the whole Inkblot Arts FB page that is helping me build my photography business. You wanna fuck with me- come at me. Leave my husband out of it, seriously. Guess I am not dealing with a rational adult then, am I? No, of course not.

Threatening my way of life via my photography irks me to no end. It'd be one thing if someone didn't "like" my style of photography. Cool. Good for you- lot's of others like it and your opinion really doesn't matter.
But threatening my ability to do good via my PINK Project by almost tempting me enough to delete my social media accounts is just ridiculous. And it borders on infringing on my ability to make money- and that is unacceptable (the whole damn situation is unacceptable, really) As soon as I figure out who is doing this- them assholes gonna get a billing invoice. This is how much money you cost me but trying to screw with me. Congratulations! Pay up jerk!!

Anyhoo- now that all that crap is off my chest and the house is clean... I can get back to being me tomorrow like by way of yoga, doodles, and photo editing from my awesome shoot on Friday night.

Have a great day!!!


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