Polar Vortex... Is He a Marvel Character?

Sure is a storm for the record books, isn’t it? Winter storm “Ion” or the Polar Vortex (which sounds cooler, no pun intended), however you choose to address this massive, swirling, frigid mass of snowy crap- it’s one hell of a storm. Hopefully, we here in Michigan are on the tail end of it. According to all the weather alerts on my phone, everything expires at 7pm tonight. Like my father said at work last night- we haven’t had a storm like this in at least a decade or since my first marriage as he put it. 

I think I have become a master at wearing too many layers of clothing when I venture outside to do chores. Ya know- snowbank the house (has helped 10 fold keeping this drafty old farm house warm), clear the driveway of the three foot tall snow drifts on the off chance I dare leaving the house (which, I don’t have to work, there is food in the house, so yeah- not going anywhere) and shoveling a path to the garbage can, my truck, and for Sienna to venture off the sidewalk a bit for her “duties”. I just know that while I am toasty warm, panting like a dog after shoveling the snow drifts from the driveway- I get inside and strip down to my merino wool long johns and silk noile underwear shirt and I am soaked with sweat. Wahoo!!! Unintentional 45 minutes of cardio!!!

I do, however, feel like I am living in a cave. All the big windows are draped in flannel bed sheets, keeping a warm barrier between glass and -30 degree winds outside. I long to throw them open and let the sunshine in- but there isn’t any today. Hopefully tomorrow. With the “thaw” coming by this weekend, there should be some sunlight- that will no doubt happen while I am at work, but it will still be enough to take the seasonal grumpy edge off my attitude.

And boy is there ever one of those! Don’t get me wrong- I really do like my job, but sometimes it tries my patience, and yesterday was one of those days. Yesterday, sucked. Yesterday venturing out into the world was NOT worth the $8.50 an hour I get paid. Whiteouts cutting visual distance while driving to half the length of the hood of my vehicle, tires spinning due to lack of grip on the glazed ice pack roads, not to mention the 180 spin my truck decided to do in the middle of a major intersection two blocks from work- not worth it! So, I was in a foul mood. A mood which lightened upon being told we would be closing the store early, at 6pm due to the weather. Then, dashed away and re-ignited with the anger of a thousand scorned women when, my manager saw we had a bit of a rush at 5pm and decided to keep us open to the full 8pm closing. We had a total of six customers between 6:15pm and 8pm- yuppers. Sure was worth it. Then it took me 40 minutes to get home in the black of night mixed with blizzard conditions. My drive to work usually 15 minutes at most. I walked in the door- threw my work shirt as far from me as possible and downed a shot of tequila to sooth raw nerves and then proceeded to take migraine medicine to keep my cranium from splitting into pieces.

I know one thing for sure- I am really growing sick of people asking me if it’s cold enough. Really? Is that all you can come up with? Seriously? It isn’t funny, it isn’t charming, and yes- all you are going to get in response (if anything), will be a half smirk, raised sarcastic eyebrow, and subtle eye roll. What exactly would the temperature have to be to actually be “cold enough” for someone. For instance- a person from far northern Canada could consider -56 degrees cold enough, or balmy. Someone from Georgia could consider 50 degrees cold enough. So why ask? Why bother asking a question like that in attempts of getting the casher girl’s ire, perhaps? It’s really, REALLY fucking annoying. So don’t ask it, I beg of you. If that’s all you can come up with- them don’t open your mouth, just smile and nod and hand me your money for your purchase, please.

Smile and nod, I just have to remember that. Now that Black Friday is long gone, and Christmas is in the distant past- we’ve just finished the yearly inventory yesterday- so hopefully all that pent up stress will ease up. And yes, it has been tense at work- hoping everything in inventory goes smoothly, hoping that our “shrink” will be marginal, and that we will all get bonus’ in the near future. Now- I look forward into getting back into the I have time, let’s photograph something mindset!! Which will probably be the photo shoot scheduled at Workshoots for the PINK Project. Planning is coming along nicely- photo releases have been revised and printed… Progress.

One last mini-rant… If you decide that you aren’t going to work on your scheduled day (like today), 
perhaps you shouldn’t state such all over Facebook? It makes you look a fool. Worse than that assumption- you’ve just set yourself up. All sorts of people have seen it and told the higher ups about your plan. Then you have the nerve to say something like “aww… thanks for your understanding employer for letting me not come to work”- also on Facebook. Not cool. Really dumb in fact. Really, REALLY dumb. And since my hubby had no choice but to fill your shift with himself (thus making him work a 48 HOUR shift, unless someone has pity for him and takes at least the night half of the shift tonight) really, really fucking pisses me off. Thanks much. No, really- thank you darling. Why would I want to spend a shred of time with my husband anyways? On one to my two days off this week? Instead- I get to worry about him getting enough to eat, staying warm, and staying safe. Did I mention he has to work the busiest station his company has? The one they never get to sleep at, and even more rarely get to slow down enough to eat? Karma is a bitch- especially when I whisper in her ear. Keep that in mind.

According to the clock here in the kitchen- it is well past lunch, and now that my stomach has realized it, I should probably get something to eat before I have to trudge out to the mailbox in an hour or so.

Have a great day! Stay warm and stay safe!!!


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