New Years Goals- not Resolutions.

Resolutions mean definite change. Goals mean something to strive for. Am I being nit-picky about wordage, of course I am. Some cluster of molecules still within this frozen body (more in a bit about that) are what you would call a writer.

My Goals for 2014:

1. To put a boot in my own ass and get something done with "MEDICS" novel. Final edit, query letters, full on start of publication- something!!! Hell, I would be happy to be able to open the file and actually read it right now:)

2. Yoga- Every Damn Day! Be it for 10 minutes, 3 Sun Salutations (Google it), or a full on stretch past the sweat hour plus session. I just need to do it. It makes me feel good, but lately things have been too crazy busy to even crank out more then 10 minutes, and it's frustrating me.

3. More nature walks with Sienna. One would think this simple, but I am actually making it a goal. By myself or with Hubby in tow- she and I will become one with nature hopefully at least once a week.

4. At least 3 photo workshops/educational adventures with my studio group Workshoots. To better my craft, to spend time with other photo nuts like myself, and to extend my socializing beyond people in my check lane at work.

5. To cut back on my smoking. I didn't say quit, but if that happens- great. But to definitely cut back. Unfortunately it has become my crutch with the past month's of stress and it needs to slow down. It will be better for me, point blank.

6. More pay me I take picture now gigs. I need to again, put a boot in my ass and start trying harder to make money when I lift my six pound monster camera. Hell- I need to sell some prints- THAT would make me happy!!

Frozen: Yup- it certainly is winter, isn't it?

So, people are complaining all over social media about the cold. Well- dammit, the calendar says winter, doesn't it? We have been spoiled with 50/60 degree December's and January's the past few years, about damn time we actually have a real Midwest, freeze your fucking fingers, snowball throwing, negative wind chills winter! Do I like it? Hells no!! I'm more of a Spring-Fall gal, myself. I hate being cold.. I hate having to take cayenne pepper pills to keep my core temp up and wearing long underwear at work to keep from freezing to death.

Sure, snow is pretty to photograph, but who in their right mind actually likes teeth chattering so hard you cannot focus the camera. Not to mention actually hearing the camera cry when the shutter starts to freeze up? Literally!

Simple said- it is winter. Fucking deal with it. Or, maybe- move? Florida is nice this time of year. Tropical temperatures and geriatrics in fancy bathing suits as far as the eye can see.


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