I Need Green... Wait... What Did You Think I Meant??

You can tell people need spring. They longingly stare at racks of seeds, planning vast and lush gardens of grandeur in their stocking hat wrapped heads. They sniff the potting soil bags. Men gently wander to the growing summer section in the store- boots stained by sidewalk salt leaving slushy footprints- running their work dirty fingertips along the shiny metal of new barbeque grills. You can see them imagining the sizzle of steaks and the mesquite tinged smoke billowing around them as they drink a chilled beer- the thoughts making their eyes light up.

Me? I need green. Usually it’s the melting brown muddy, damp, cold miserable middle and end of March that gets me needing green. Not this year. This winter of record breaking snowfall totals, polar vortexes making it too cold to breath, and ice thickness on the Great Lakes not seen in decades- it changes you. It’s Michigan, this I know and openly bitch about on Facebook when the complaints from the masses get to my boiling point- but this is one damn cold, foul bitch of a winter. Also, one we haven’t had like this in years! I want warm. Not hot, sticky, gross, humid… Just warm. Crack the windows open at night, hang the laundry outside to dry, weed the gardens without sweating like a pig- warm.

With any luck, Hubby and I will be venturing through the cold to a place of green on Friday. We both need it. A part of me is giddy inside at the idea of going to the Meijer Gardens on Friday, to feel warm soak into my bones, to smell green, and to hear tropical birds chirping happily. We haven’t been there in ages and I am itching to photograph so lovely conservatory grown nature to share with all you other’s that may also be needing a little spring time from your computer screen. That, and I am running low on my milk chocolate bacon candy bars and I know they sell them there in the gift shopJ

Having already ventured out into the blustery, lung tissue freezing cold of the day to get wood pellets, dog food, cat food, and bagels- I am now in snuggly clothes in the kitchen (saving electric by not using the space heater in my office) with a fresh pot of Starbucks coffee brewing and the somehow comforting scent of saddle soap drifting in the air here in the kitchen. I am treating my work boots to a spa day of sorts- scrubbing them with saddle soap and letting them dry before saturating them in mink oil and giving them a new pair of laces. I have e-mails to catch up on, notes to type up from the photo shoot on this past Saturday night, photo shoots I have booked that need to be put into my calendar so I remember to take them off of work when I go in tomorrow morning, and a few phone calls and texts that need to be made… Loads of small, mundane tasks that keep me in the warm comfort of home rather than outside in this dreary bone chilling crap.

However, seeing the sun attempting to break through the snowy blankets of clouds above does cheer me up a bit. It was nice to open the curtains yesterday before I went to work to let in the sunshine- warming the house to a lovely 72 degrees without the assistance of the fuel oil furnace downstairs. That alone (besides saving money) was a nice, refreshing change. It was almost poetic that the clouds rolled in after I got to work.

So, I hope everyone stays warm through this most recent polar vortex adventure. Remember to think about those not so lucky to stay inside and warm- like my paramedic Hubby, and all those in EMS, Fire, and Police. Smile and wave to the next county, city, or private snow plow you see- thank them for what they are doing. Have a great day!!


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