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I Need Green... Wait... What Did You Think I Meant??

You can tell people need spring. They longingly stare at racks of seeds, planning vast and lush gardens of grandeur in their stocking hat wrapped heads. They sniff the potting soil bags. Men gently wander to the growing summer section in the store- boots stained by sidewalk salt leaving slushy footprints- running their work dirty fingertips along the shiny metal of new barbeque grills. You can see them imagining the sizzle of steaks and the mesquite tinged smoke billowing around them as they drink a chilled beer- the thoughts making their eyes light up.
Me? I need green. Usually it’s the melting brown muddy, damp, cold miserable middle and end of March that gets me needing green. Not this year. This winter of record breaking snowfall totals, polar vortexes making it too cold to breath, and ice thickness on the Great Lakes not seen in decades- it changes you. It’s Michigan, this I know and openly bitch about on Facebook when the complaints from the masses get to my boiling point- but …

Wow... Just Simply... WOW!!!

I had no reason to be half as worried as I was in the last blog post. Really. Sure, I am not going to lie and say my confidence was shaken when the "I can't make it's" and "sorry, but I am busy's" started to roll in Saturday morning. But the end result was fluid. We had fun. My hubby was in heaven with beautiful women eating the food he carefully prepared... And the Images.. Just... Unbelieveable!!

And these are only a small handful of the images we created Saturday night!

If all goes well, there is definitely one if not more group shoots in the works to include everyone that wants to be a part of this project of mine- and that is humbling. Never had I imagined that this would take off like it has!!
There are all these great photos, with even more planned on the horizon!!!

Just... Just... Breathe...

The clock is ticking. And the more it ticks, the more nervous I get. Why? Why am I so blasted nervous?? I’ve photographed people before- LOTS of them. I took an excellent lighting class from the kickass owner of the studio- I am confident in my lighting skills now. I am ace at using my camera and conveying into words the creativity in my brain. I have all my props packed and ready. I have a list written of photo ideas I want to capture. The food is all prepped and/or made by my wildly awesome Hubby… So why am I nervous?? Oh yeah, because this is all mine. No other photographers in the room with me. No one but me there to answer my own questions.  All my idea- to get a huge group of women into one photo studio to create images for my Breast Cancer Awareness calendar. A first in both aspects, my first group shoot (with me a coordinator and head doobie), and my first calendar. Right now- all I can foresee happening is that maybe three or four ladies actually come and we will have all th…

Polar Vortex... Is He a Marvel Character?

Sure is a storm for the record books, isn’t it? Winter storm “Ion” or the Polar Vortex (which sounds cooler, no pun intended), however you choose to address this massive, swirling, frigid mass of snowy crap- it’s one hell of a storm. Hopefully, we here in Michigan are on the tail end of it. According to all the weather alerts on my phone, everything expires at 7pm tonight. Like my father said at work last night- we haven’t had a storm like this in at least a decade or since my first marriage as he put it. 
I think I have become a master at wearing too many layers of clothing when I venture outside to do chores. Ya know- snowbank the house (has helped 10 fold keeping this drafty old farm house warm), clear the driveway of the three foot tall snow drifts on the off chance I dare leaving the house (which, I don’t have to work, there is food in the house, so yeah- not going anywhere) and shoveling a path to the garbage can, my truck, and for Sienna to venture off the sidewalk a bit for …

New Years Goals- not Resolutions.

Resolutions mean definite change. Goals mean something to strive for. Am I being nit-picky about wordage, of course I am. Some cluster of molecules still within this frozen body (more in a bit about that) are what you would call a writer.

My Goals for 2014:

1. To put a boot in my own ass and get something done with "MEDICS" novel. Final edit, query letters, full on start of publication- something!!! Hell, I would be happy to be able to open the file and actually read it right now:)

2. Yoga- Every Damn Day! Be it for 10 minutes, 3 Sun Salutations (Google it), or a full on stretch past the sweat hour plus session. I just need to do it. It makes me feel good, but lately things have been too crazy busy to even crank out more then 10 minutes, and it's frustrating me.

3. More nature walks with Sienna. One would think this simple, but I am actually making it a goal. By myself or with Hubby in tow- she and I will become one with nature hopefully at least once a week.

4. At least 3 ph…

The Chill of Winter...

On the same day, actually exactly 12 hours before I photographed the fiery destruction next door- I was in Grand Haven, taking these photographs, while Hubby struggled to stay on his feet behind a most excited Sienna dog:) High resolution images available for prints will soon be on my website: Michelle Premer Photography
and in my Etsy store: Inkblot Arts within the coming week