Rant Machine- Ladies and Gentlemen- Has Been Fired Up!!!

Okay- because I can. Because I am a twisted cynical bitch at times I can write the following perspective on a couple of topics that have over run the national news spectrum. These are my opinions, and mine only. If you are not adult enough to understand that- then piss off and go back to getting your news from a solid news source- like Facebook.

The 9-1-1 tapes from the Sandy Hook Shooting: It is a matter of public record this tragedy happened. There were 9-1-1 calls placed on that day that no doubt describe the horror unfolding within the walls of that elementary school. Should news agencies air these tapes? As a matter of public record, they could. Do they want to? No. Not at all. And that is their judgment call, not ours.

I have a unique perspective when it comes to this topic. I am the proud wife of a paramedic. I am his sounding board after “a bad call”. Likewise, I am the sounding board for any of our friends and his co-workers that get a “bad call” out of their system so it doesn’t eat them alive, because I understand what they are talking about, what they went through on that scene. I know about the nightmares and traumatic stress EMS dispatchers go through after a call like that- the screams of the voices, the crying through the phone lines, the helpless feeling of wishing they could do more, say more, comfort more and worse yet- the second guessing of did they do everything right and did they do everything they could have done? That is a traumatic stress the general public couldn’t even fathom dealing with but sadly a few of us have to deal with. I have heard stories that would make you vomit violently for days and render you sleepless for longer. I deal with the nightmares my husband suffers when one call triggers memories from one years ago. I deal with the ghosts of trauma past more than I’d like to- but because I love and support my husband- I bare the same scars as he. Not as deep and not as severe, mind you, but I bare them as a badge of pride for what he does every damn day.

The people out there demanding to hear these tapes are the same people that hang out their cars windows, drooling for a chance to see a bloody body part dangling from a car wreck. The same assholes that chase fire trucks and ambulances to a call- only to get in the way and potentially hinder the abilities of those professionals doing their jobs, then release videos on YouTube saying that those professionals dropped the ball, they screwed up, why didn’t they save those people in the burning building? What took them so long? The general public couldn’t handle hearing those tapes. Kids screaming and crying for their parents, gunfire, hearing about children’s bodies riddled with bullets and bleeding out in the caller’s arms- you couldn’t handle it. You don’t deserve to hear them, so shut the fuck up about it.

The death of actor Paul Walker: Holy mother of… of… well you understand, no need for blasphemy. But I will say this- What The Fuck people? Sure, he was in a handful of craptastic films based on the racing subculture of “Ricers”. You know, Mazdas and the like. Not ACTUAL cars built for racing like oh say- Cameros, Mustangs, Chargers, Challengers... In fact when there was the appearance of an ACTUAL car, Detroit powered (not Tokyo) in the first film- one of the lead characters say “It scares the hell outta me…” As it should racer boy. As it frickin should! With enough NOS and tacky ass stickers any rice burning piece of plastic can run fast-  and… furious as it were. But to run a real race car- boy, you ain’t got the stones, just sit your ass back down. But I digress…

So this actor chose to get into a Porsche (another foreign piece of plastic molded shit) and drive REALLY fast in a residential neighborhood. The driver, a friend of the actor, going too fast, lost control and wrapped the car around a tree. The recently released Medical Examiner report states the driver died on impact with the tree and light pole. The same report also tells that while the traumatic injuries sustained by Mr. Walker would have killed him in the short term, he did not, in fact die on impact, but rather in the ball park of 60 seconds after impact. The car itself burst into flames 30 seconds after impact. The actor burned to death in that wreckage. Sad? Sure. He had a foundation helping people suffering after natural disasters, and I am sure was kind of a nice guy. Tragic? Um, no. Tragic was the expected death of one of the world’s most powerful leaders- Nelson Mandela. Not some actor that made illegal street racing “cool”.

The nuclear explosion of rest in piece Paul Walker, pictures of the smoking wreckage with a super imposed photo of the actor with angel wings leaning on the hood is just simply disgusting. Come on people- he was a fucking actor! An actor! Someone that gets paid to lie and play a part- kinda like politicians. He wasn’t your BFF. You guys didn’t “hang together”. He didn’t come over for beers, b-b-q and football on Sundays. To quote Ace Ventura Pet Detective- “Did you know him? Did he call you at home??” Get the holy crap over it already and back something of substance. Oh, wait! Shit I’m sorry- for a minute there I thought social media had morals. My bad.

In short- an actor died because his friend was a dumbass. They were driving way to fast, and per the YouTube videos a plenty- more innocent people could have gotten injured or killed because of their horrible judgment! Luckily only two people were killed. Get over it, move on for fuck’s sake.

$15 dollars and hour for Fast Food Workers: Okay- again- What the Fuck?? How about when my husband along with every other EMS based, Fire Fighting based, Police based professional gets $20 an hour- a rate of pay that would be sensible given the amount of school, training and danger in their professions- should your entry level ass-wipes get $15 an hour??? You run a fryer and a cash register- and you want $15 an hour? Fucking please! “We deal with angry people… We has stress…” Oh really? No shit! I, myself, am employed at entry level cashiering and deal with pissed off people at least twice a day- Black Friday- Hello!!! Sucked!!! BUT- you don’t see me demanding $15 an hour do you? I run a cash register!

Maybe, just maybe if you mono-synaptic fucktards could actually get 50% of your orders correct, could actually figure out how to make yourself look professionally presentable (that means actually washing your uniforms, not just squeezing out the fryer grease), and realized that neck tattoos are just seriously effing stupid- just MAYBE you all should make $9 an hour. But $15? That’s just ridiculous!!

When my Paramedic husband makes $20 an hour for going to your house at 3 in the morning because your Bridge Card/WIC fed kid stubbed his toe and is constipated, when you have 8 people there that could have driven your chain smoking ass to the ER… Then we can talk about your “unfair wages” until then- kindly screw off. The majority of fast food workers are sucking off the government teat having their housing paid for, their electric paid for, their food given to them on both Bridge and WIC cards. You see them all that time in public- wearing clothes us actual working class types could only dream of owning, with shitty looking tattoos, and $300 weaves buying grocery carts full of soda and potato chips. $15 dollars and hour? Effing please. Get over yourselves. Go to school, actually learn a trade, get a degree and better your-fuckin-self.

Ahhhh…. I feel better nowJ Have a great day!!!


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