Back in the Saddle...

Since the corporate gig on the 7th, I haven't even opened my camera bag, or touched it, or actually held one of my cameras until this morning. Why?? Issues. Not technical, just personal. I have had to take a long hard look inside myself to figure out WTF has been going on in my head since then and I have. I have had to convince myself that there isn't a curse, that I did what I could as a hired photographer, and that the end result were pictures that while I may not like them in the slightest- the client did like them. Today is the first day I listened to the chirp of my camera turning on and the tingle of excitement manual focusing on something in the view finder.

Yesterday, while fighting whatever wandering crud has taken over my intestines- Hubby and I got to work prepping the house for the incoming "invasion" of the South Dakota family. Christmas decorations are finally up and glittering. The house has been cleaned from end to end. Furniture re-arranged to accommodate more need of foot space. All chemical scenting products have been removed and/or put away to avoid chemical sensitivity reactions... We worked or butts off! I have to work Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday- in spite of work request for time off- they are small shifts but still, it kind of infuriates me that my manager never bothered to listen to my request. So, what's new right? Regardless- the cleaning is done. Hubby got time off work and will be manning the home front, doing the grocery shopping and so forth while I deal with irrationally pissy people in retail in the final days prior to Christmas.

But- there are a few things that require attention-  final picking up and sweeping of the basement, cleaning of the shower, and wrapping of Hubby's gifts. And I fear I shall leave this blogger in order to accomplish those few things. So- until we meet again- on the other side of Christmas and all it's joyous, fun, stressful, over eating adventures- I wish you a very merry holiday!!


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