Pink and Gold...

No, that is not the title of a new Prince song... Two colors described my awesome photo shoot fun with one of my best girlfriends (also one of my best models) Kirin. Her great friend came along for the adventure and proved to be a hilarious comic along the way- wise cracking it up with the best of us:) Prior to the shoot, I got a quickie tutorial from one of the best photographers I know on a new lighting set up in the studio that proved most excellent Saturday night.

These images have been altered so that no naughty bits peek through- that and her eyes aren't actually yellow- those have been played with too.

PINK Project

These are Miss Kirin's first additions to the PINK Project I am working on. For those of you wondering- she tied herself up in the ribbon- she is just that freakin' awesome!!!

Head over to my website at- Michelle Premer Photography & PINK Project to see how the project is coming along or to submit your questions about it. You can also sign up to be in the project there!! 

Michelle Premer Photography & the PINK Project at Workshoots Studio-
On January 18th, 2014- starting at 5pm I am inviting ladies of all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages to come enjoy an evening of having your picture taken for the PINK Project! There will be wine and munchies and all sorts of photography being done ranging from individual portraits to group pictures. Be advised I only want women above the age of 18 there due the honest fact that this is for my Breast Cancer Awareness project and bare boobies just may happen from time to time AND this is a LADIES ONLY event :)

The studio is located at 820 Monroe NW, Suite 419, Grand Rapids, MI


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