Busy... Busy... Life

It is minutes shy of 5pm on Wednesday and I am still in my morning, picked up off the floor comfy clothes. Good Goddess does this feel... feel... good and slightly un-fulfilling. I haven't gone anywhere today. No errands were run be me and Sienna, my faithful- every time car keys jangle she's at the door, dog. What I have done is mundane house chores- cleaning the pellet stove as per weekly ritual, picked up the house to reduce tripping over Hubby's shoes and dirty socks. I have bathed Sienna who was once again itching from the dreaded fleas. I have treated the bite wounds from fleas on Morganna. I have once again vacuumed the house with my new "kick ass super powered broomstick", oh and I rearranged all the living plants to keep our avocado tree away from cold windows. Currently I am downloading the rest of Gaga's "Artpop" album and writing a long over due blog to you my readers. Wednesday night is reserved for going to bed early, curling up with Sienna and Morganna, and Skijit and watching "Law and Order" SVU while talking to my friend Globug, our weekly chat evening. However, my Hubby has decided at random to burn some PTO time and will be bring pizza home tonight on a rare occasion he is coming home rather then working his full 24 hour shift.

I know I have done a lot today, but the fact I am still in comfy clothes makes me feel odd, like I am lazy- but dammit I deserved to sleep in today and just stay home- I have been working a lot lately. The great wind up to the retail worker's hell known as Black Friday week. I deserved a breakfast of cayenne pepper laced brownies, and everything bagel smeared with butter, and a blood orange Greek yogurt- didn't I? I deserved to to my yoga routine slowly and deeply to Hugh Laurie jazz. It's been a good day. And tomorrow- I go back to work for an 8.5 hour shift, then off Friday with Hubby, and I work all damn weekend again, ugh. Why do I work this hard to be this broke? I saw that on a Facebook Meme this morning and it's kinda true. Maybe not so much money wise, but quality time with Hubby wise I am desperately broke. Being creative with my camera- still deeply broke time wise for it considering my work schedule. After Black Friday next week, it might slow a tad. After Christmas followed by inventory of our store the first week of January, it will certainly drop off.

Then I can hopefully make progress during the cold winter, not outdoor shooting friendly time, I can dig in with a bulldozer and complete the massive sorting project of dumping all my photo archive CD's onto my new 3Tb external hard drive... until I get more then one day off at a time, I will be working at it in intermittent spurts. But, I have a few small tasks to complete before Hubby gets home with pizza...


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