Out of Control!!!

A wise friend of mine said this week in a quickie phone call- "If you are out of control cleaning, something somewhere in your life- be it conscious or sub-conscious is out of control and your body is compensating for it."

Shit. Really? I thought it just felt great to purge, over and over again- like a sudden onset of clutter Bulimia. I know when onset was- last week Thursday, my 34th birthday. Hubby and I were madly cleaning the basement after getting the pellet stove fired up in hopes of warming the guest room for our friends coming to stay the night Saturday. And lets face it, cleaning up the cobwebs, dusting, wiping things down and filling the rolling trash bin outside felt pretty damn good. Maybe too good? Saturday- I made a massive mistake at work, selling something for a discount a little too deep when the computer made me look worse then it was. I don't know. I am sure of my math, I am sure of what I entered in to the computer, but- upon going in for my shift on Sunday- the computer's report had my head manager screaming hot at me. I got ripped into pretty good- fairly certain I have a brand new poop orifice, actually. But I didn't get fired, I wasn't asked to quit, there wasn't a write-up, no pay docked. Just me humbly apologizing over and over, feeling like turd and about the size of a tic-tac in stature.

 Monday- after a trip into Grand Rapids, where I cleaned and organized the studio- the clutter Bulimia kicked in full gear. I gutted the kitchen pantry aka "Open door, throw shit in, close it before the avalanche happens". And goddess help you should you need to go in there for anything. So I emptied it into the kitchen. Sorting, pitching, wiping down, dusting- filled two boxes of garbage (to be crammed into the trash bin Sunday night when we wheel it to the end of the driveway) and a trash bag. I organized every little thing that went back into the pantry, putting other things where they really should be, and placed a paper sack filled with plastic water bottles and another filled with coffee travel mug sin the basement, yet to be determined where they shall go.


Tuesday after my work shift- I went to work in another part of the basement, sorting through a wall of garbage bags packed with clothing from who knows when. Then I sorted totes filled with my winter wardrobe. I was brutal- if I didn't wear it last year, it got tossed into the Goodwill pile. The Goodwill pile after going through everything in the basement and all three closets upstairs and my armoir- ended up being eleven garbage bags filled. I packed them into my truck and started putting away the winter wardrobe, ending up sorting some more (like my dresser) added another bag to the truck Wednesday morning before going to Goodwill in Coopersville. I thought the lady's eyes were to pop out of her head! She cheerfully brought out two rolling bins, of which all the bags filled and wrote me out a receipt, handing me a pricing guide for a donation on my taxes next year. I did the math yesterday at work- DAMN!!! Might be more cleaning and donating happening, just maybe. Thursday, yesterday- I cleaned more in the house while winterizing windows with plastic shrink wrap before my shift at work.

Today, I am off work completely. I took Sienna for a long walk in the park, then we both came home and took a shower:) I just got done shrink wrapping the last two windows I ran out of material for yesterday, the ones in my office, which lead to cleaning in my office. I cleaned off my desk, re-organized the cabinet behind me so the doors close again, put a few purses in storage, wiped things down...

So, now my office is clean- borderline dust free, and yup- yet another trash can needs to be emptied. Now, mind you, my camera hasn't stayed still since I have been on this cleaning madness. I have taken Sienna for a few walks bringing my smaller camera the one I call "Hotrod" since, while it's nice to be seen by onlookers with my massive monster camera, lugging it on a three mile nature walk isn't practical. I did, however- bring it on my Autumn annual walks in my two favorite "Dead Gardens".
Lesson learned- when people see you strolling about a cemetery with a large camera they will drive through said cemetery three times to make sure you are indeed photographing- not vandalizing. Yup- because nothing says fun times like headstone tipping in broad daylight right next to a busy road, right?
Second lesson learned- when one who believes in ghosts, is dumb enough to go visit the graves of her grand parents (who's house she now lives) this close to All Hallows Eve gets what she gets as far as them coming home for an overdue visit. More then once I have smelled Gram's Avon perfume and the familiar scent of air popped popcorn (something Grandpa did every October so Gram could make popcorn balls to give out the the trick or treaters). Mom told me that they have been having "experiences" of sorts in their house. The ghosts of the children living there have been seen and heard. As well as the scent of the perfume the old woman that lived there years before them wafting about the kitchen table and in the bathroom. 'Tis be that time of year. I feel a certain level of comfort having Gram and Grandpa around right now. Like they can see the changes we've made to the house and can see how happy I am now. It is bittersweet to think of everything that has happened since they left this earthly plane, but- they can see what's happened and I have hopes they support us all and our choices.
But- there are more photos to be edited from my walk this morning, as well as paperwork to do for the PINK Project. Have a great day! I promise to not clean anything else- well, maybe not clean is too strong a phrase, I'll try not to:)


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