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Out of Control!!!

A wise friend of mine said this week in a quickie phone call- "If you are out of control cleaning, something somewhere in your life- be it conscious or sub-conscious is out of control and your body is compensating for it."

Shit. Really? I thought it just felt great to purge, over and over again- like a sudden onset of clutter Bulimia. I know when onset was- last week Thursday, my 34th birthday. Hubby and I were madly cleaning the basement after getting the pellet stove fired up in hopes of warming the guest room for our friends coming to stay the night Saturday. And lets face it, cleaning up the cobwebs, dusting, wiping things down and filling the rolling trash bin outside felt pretty damn good. Maybe too good? Saturday- I made a massive mistake at work, selling something for a discount a little too deep when the computer made me look worse then it was. I don't know. I am sure of my math, I am sure of what I entered in to the computer, but- upon going in for my shift on…

Knives & Fire... Sounds Like a Great Night!

Here are some of the awesome images from the Steel Wool and Fire Shoot last week in Alto, MI! Otherwise known as freeze our bums off- light stuff on fire and take pictures night!!

Nostalgia in the Turning Leaves

Autumn has descended with her colored cloak, familiar nostalgic scented air, and with her heartbreaking blue sky speckled with perfect cotton clouds. It's my favorite time of year- in spite of my obsessive love for Halloween dying years ago. I would decorated the house for All Hallow's Eve on September 1st, and leave them up until mid November before taking them down for Christmas things. Like Nascar- I fear my mind has blocked my love for the holiday due to some emotional connection to it too brutal to recall.

Instead now my heart fills with nostalgia when the leaves change. I think it goes along with my love of all things back to school in August.

Years and years ago- when the weather turned cooler and the leaves started their change- I'd go to my place. Secret by no means, but is seemed I was the only one that knew it was there. I'd go back to the school pond when classes were done for the day- crack open my notebook, find some pen from the rainbow assortment in my …

Customer Service...

Since I am feeling more then a little touchy about my job today- they tried to get me to come in and work on my day off, because a co-worker called in, again. Here's a couple lists of things I have compiled in my journal while working there.
Customer Service Bits from a Cashier's perspective- “Oh, you’re new- where’s the other girl? The one prettier than you?” insert toothless, gum chewing sounds.
Thanks, but I am not you’re “Hun” and I do not respond to a snap of the fingers and pointing like a dog- sorry asshole.
Yes, I know you’re last name on your account- do I care? Not really. Nor can I translate high speed account number speak or think you’re special, wait your turn like everyone else.
Picking on a cashier isn’t nice. Repeatedly picking on a cashier about the same thing for an entire month- gets really old and really fucking annoying.
There are people in this world everywhere that will bitch and dicker about the price of something, these same people will try every trick…

The First Images of from the PINK Project...

This is the first of many lovely ladies with a cause to be posted here and on my website: Michelle L Premer Photography Look under the PINK Project tab.
I cannot wait to do more of these!!!!! Support PINK!! Ladies, check you bumps for boobies!!!


As you might notice, the blog's format has changed into a pink one for the month of October (or when I remember to change it in November)- as this is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am an avid supporter of anything pink, as I own my own pair of beautiful and hopefully not deadly boobies. It's my hope that should something in my genetics go awry someday that there will be a better treatment or even a cure. The more money we donate and more awareness we can raise- the better the options for the future.

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And my professional website:  Michelle L Premer Photography

I have launched my new photography project- the PINK Project. It was an idea that sprang to life in my head one day while on my way to work. To photograph women of all ages, race, and size in color wearing something pink- be it anything from clothing, jewelry, body paint, a scarf... in anything from fully dressed to fully nude. I will then take the color image an…