Quiet Morning...

It's peaceful in the house this morning, as I sit here in my office with a do to list a mile long of photography work I want to get accomplished between today and tomorrow, or at least before I got back to work Tuesday afternoon. I awoke to a flea crawling inside my mouth (kinda gross) I chemically treated the bedroom. I treated the entire house yesterday and swore I wouldn't do the bedroom, and I am fairly certain the flea grossing me out is from either Sienna or Skijit, both were in bed with me a the time, I felt the need to do it regardless. As soon as Hubby gets home from his six hour shift today we will be treating both cats and Sienna with the high powered flea killing goop my Mom bought off Amazon. From everything I have heard from customers coming into the store and vet's in the area- this has been the absolute worst year for fleas any vet can remember seeing. Reassuring me that it isn't just a problem we have, I guess.

After I got home from my three hour shift yesterday morning, I thoroughly cleaned the house then chemically sprayed it, banishing the cats to the back guest room and the pigs to our sealed up bedroom and Hubby, Sienna, and I to the outside world. I cleaned the garage while Hubby finished repairs to the barn door with a little help from me, after I found out that power drills and Michelle's hands shouldn't be in close proximity to one and other. My left thumb got brutally torn up by the drill when it slipped, tearing my nail in half and gushing blood. Ouch. Then I realized that texting will be an utter pain, literally, until my thumb heals. Damn.

I may or may not have a photo shoot tomorrow here at the house. The model has been a tad more then difficult to get a hold of to narrow down small things, like, ya know- what time she'll be here... Who knows. I hope I do get to work with her, she is beautiful and I have a few great ideas to try. We shall see, won't we? Until then, I have my list of things to get done... So, maybe I should get to it, eh??


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