Oh... Ketchup Already!!!

Today is a peaceful Wednesday. Last Wednesday- totally not. For some reason this year the 9-11 anniversary was harder to deal with then those in the past. So, there was that. I was also deep into whatever sinus filling lung junking sickness my hubby had been suffering through. Then in the evening, amidst a raging flare of emotional distress and feeling like utter poop- our well, the water supply to the house died. After having my dad over, hoping it was an easy fix (which is wasn't) I went to feed the piggies before going to sleep on the couch at my parents. It was then I found that one of our fur babies had died suddenly. She was fine that morning as I sat weeping into a bowl of fruit loops on the couch. I didn't need that. I packed up and went to spend the night on mom and dad's couch...

Thursday, the well guys came over. I was in a fit of nerves. Each time I heard a pipe clank or call out for another tool- my stomach turned. I was so thankful I got to go to work and leave my Hubby to deal with it. By the time I got home, we had a new drop pipe, new pump, ,new pressure switch and thus- a newly refreshed supply of clean water! Not that it wasn't clean before- it was just very heavy in iron. Not the case anymore!

Between work and life, keeping up with everything else has proven difficult. But, Michelle- you had four days off this weekend? I did, which I spent with my Hubby. We hung out, went to a huge produce market, and spent the rest of our free time canning. We now have more homemade canned salsa then any two people should be allowed to have.

Flipping normal on it's head... I did a maternity shoot for a good friend of mine a couple weeks ago. She wanted some of the classic shots, but then she wanted an out of the box idea- like vintage pin-up maternity. I have to say- for being my first ever maternity shoot... I had a blast!!! I like making images from wacky ideas!!!

Today has been spent catching up on house duties. Laundry, cleaning, vacuuming and most importantly- work on my computer. While all of my photo editing is caught up- I had e-mails to return, files to update, and sorting to do. I went through all the folders full of images on my laptop- deleting garbage, repeats, archiving old photo shoots... Just maintenance in general. And after it was all said and done... I removed 6 gigabytes of bullshit from my hard drives, updated my Angry Birds games and feel better about things in general.

So if you'll excuse me- there are new levels on Angry Birds Space & Star Wars that need to be played as well as a hellasish case of the hiccups to banish before I have a friend over tonight:)


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