Artprize Adventures Round One...

Living Statue Guy... Funny, fun, and fantastic!

Face of Stone

Creativity Still

Made of all sorts of Tires!!!

The yoga practitioner in my took this photo

The piece titled, "Glitter Ocean"...

Is made of thousands of sequins!

Sometimes the lens isn't big enough:)

She breaths fire on the hour, every hour, yet somehow- we missed it.

Golf tees a method of art? I think so.

Sometimes the buildings down town themselves are somehow art worthy.

This living statue played Celtic music

How I look during Artprize adventures

Silk flags in the river with the amazing cityscape behind them.

The beginning of my liking the creepy stuff

Absolutely beautiful statue- yes. The water for the fountain effect coming from her nipples? Not so much.

Numerous pieces of driftwood carved to make this sculpture- I love this man's work each year.

3-D painting/scuplture... Amazing!

A painting or a photo???

Hubby, directing us where to go next.

           This is a drawing made of millions of dots, there were magnifying glasses to prove the point.

Measuring tape dress.

Love, love, love her style!!!

This piece, titled "November 1st" was amazing! 

Then my liking of the weird and creepy took over briefly.

 Oddly beautiful... Right?

This is the point of the tour where we saw the "controversial" pieces of art outside of DeVos Place. The are naked, they are real life- get the hell over it you prudes!!! Gees!!!

Overhead just as the shutter clicked- "Mom... Hey mom! You're in her shot!!" You get used to it, unfortunately.

Holy Poop!!! It's Yoda! The grand master magician weatherman himself, Bill Steffen!! Yes, I had a weather dork overload moment. Hubby laughed the whole time.


Creepy strikes again!

Made entirely of leather bits!!! Smelled wonderful too!!

This was the view from where we parked our vehicle.


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