The Steel Wool Experiment Part 2

We did it again... Saturday night. Only this time, we started a bit earlier so there was light in the background.

Hubby is the spinner in most of these... He's been figuring out new circle configurations.

Then I took a turn and went all nuts!!!

Here's where another aspect of the experimentation came into play... I stood between Hubby spinning fire, and Camera Buddy W who was tending the cameras.

Then we played with a portable flash from a camera. I set it off three times, moving each time... Very creepy... Very much need to work on it a bit more:)

This shot, actually the remaining of these were all done with BULB exposures on F-8. Notice the odd trail above in the star field- we have no idea what it was, is was just there... Then it wasn't.

We were waiting for Hubby to get ready for a spin and played around with BULB exposures and Camera Buddy W played with a flashlight:)

If any of my other camera buddies are interested... I am thinking of doing this once was have snow on the group as a group shoot:)

Stay tuned... Tomorrow will have more pictures and details on how the new job is going!!!


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