Stress and Creativity...

I have a screaming migraine right now. Like throbbing in the skull, coffee not killing it quick enough, please goddess let the meds kick in Migraine. Not cool. I blame the weather, allergies to the god forsaken corn field pollinating, and lack of sleep last night for whatever reason. And stress. Gots me lots of that, sort of.

Stressors- A Break Down
Camera Issues:
Saturday my main camera took a poop. According to the all mighty Google and the Canon cameras website- it really took a poop! I did everything the website suggested that might cure the issue- it didn't. Camera dead. And wouldn't you know it- I have a paid shoot next week Tuesday!! So, I talked it out with hubby- $250 at least and a month without it sending it to Canon to get it fixed (when I paid $150 for the camera) or just bite the big old bullet and find a new one online. We took the last option. I found a new Canon 20d body on Amazon (more certifiable then Craigslist) for $125 and bought the sucker. Ouch. Oh well. Now it's just a matter of wait and see and pray and sacrifice small farm animals to the gods so that the new one will be here in time for the shoot on Tuesday. If not, well then, I have a plan B combined with plan B-Alpha. I do still have my 10d camera (plan B); which has had a history of pooping out for no reason whenever it feels the need to with the added bonus of borrowing my mom's Luminex (plan B-Alpha) to have on stand bye for the shoot. Then I am fairly certain I will have the new one buy the time the really big paid shoot on the 30th comes around.

Computer Issues:
At some point, while doing a large amount of program updates on my 'puter- something somewhere snuck past me and I have been fighting, deleting, uninstalling for about an hour each time I boot the damn thing up for the past two weeks, only to have this crap-tas-tic bullshit toolbar add-on still boot up and bog down, if not crash my internet usings. I went through the normal program uninstall routes; I went through the program directory folders to find the blasted buggers and deleted them; I went through one of my super cleaner delete'r programs and used the "hard to uninstall" tool- STILL F***ing there!! I uninstalled the program that I believe the bugger came in on- one of those, I'm not paying attention and didn't notice that damn box was checked when I updated Adobe Flash Player (thanks so much you rarely used Piece of Poop Program!!) STILL THERE!!! So, today- I took the drastic measure and completely uninstalled, erased Google Chrome. Re booted the computer, re-installed Google Chrome and blammo!!! Gone! Finally!!! This stupid toolbar (Internet Helper 3.1, should you get F***ED into using it) would crash my Gmail, my Facebook, My Dropbox (kinda need that to send people their pictures). And don't even think I didn't e-mail their tech support- yeah, no answer. Even after the 7th, swear word laced e-mail. But, it is gone. Finally. I am sure I will get flagged to install Adobe Flash Player at some point, and you betch'a I am going to watch that thing like a hawk when I do, but for right now- I haven't come across any issues by not having right now. We will see.

Finding a Job Issues:
So, I interviewed for a job at the farm store (weeks ago) my dad works at after he said they badly needed a cashier. Now it turns out they need a lot more then just that, but regardless- I went in and did a one long interview for cashier. I was told by guy that interviewed me that he would give me a "mock schedule" whatever that means, on either the 8th, 9th, or 10th. Nothing. I haven't gotten anything. I checked with my dad to see if guy sent anything home with him- nothing. So I called this morning- "Oh... So and so isn't in today, I think he works tomorrow, but not sure what time he will be in, can I take a message?" was what I got. Goody. So, here I sit still wondering if I have the job, why I might not have the job, what else could I do to prove I want the job?? Meanwhile, I am trying to comply with the number of requests I have had from people/models that want to work with me as soon as possible. Not knowing when I can schedule them or not due to the whole previously describe do I have it/don't I have it conundrum... So, I am only concrete booking the paid gigs and going on a day by day basis on booking the TF (Time For) stuff. Makes sense right? I'd make more "taking a day off" (if I even get it) by doing a paid photo shoot (in 2 hours) then I would during an 8 hour work day- justified.

I am the sort of person that hates not knowing. I need to be scheduled or have the ability to schedule and this in limbo, do I/don't I bullcrap irks me to absolutely no end... Probably the lack of sleep being answered in that previous statement...

And in the Last Ten Minutes Issues:
I just went in to straighten the bedding on our bed to find that Sienna had taken an gallon sized pee in the middle of our bed. Should have figured that- it did thunder here twice, like two hours ago. So, now that my hand is stinging from smacking her tail-end and banishing her from the bedroom (and changing all the bedding I just washed last week)- I am now in full on dread mode for doing laundry tomorrow. I am trying to curb my enthusiasm for doing laundry every couple days (dirty stuff in the hamper bugs the living daylights out of me, and thus when it is half full- time to fire up the washing machine). It is more economical to only wash them in the washer and hang them on the line to dry- especially since Consumer's Energy just blessed us with a "Smart Meter" which apparently isn't at all smart and is actually, so far, damn near doubled our last two electric bills for no reason at all. Last year, this time our electric usage wasn't near what I just paid for this month and it was in the middle of an "Oh my god it's 100 degrees outside heatwave"!! We haven't had the AC's turned on for over three weeks now and I've only actually used the dryer twice in six weeks!!! And since it is currently raining and humid- no washy-washy today! Instead now at best guess, including the what will be three loads of bedding to wash. I have about three loads of clothing too!! Oh, goody!! I just can't wait!!

In Other Perspectives- Not Stress Related...
I have been crafty as of late. I took one of my mom's "cement leaf" classes last week and painted three of my casting from that class. (in descending picture order) A Hosta Leaf (striped painted), a Burdock leaf (autumn paint scheme), and a Dragon Tree leaf (reverse glow painted). The process is rather easy, right up until it comes to the mixing of the mortar just right... then it gets a little difficult. You mound wet sand into the depth and shape you need, cover that in plastic, then lay the leaf down on top. You then spread the mortar mix on the back of the leaf (working in reverse as my mom calls it). The produced "image" is the back of the leaf where the most depth of the veins can be reproduced. After 24 hours, you un-mold the casting, tenderly remove the leaf, and let cure for at least 48 hours before you paint them.

And this is the monster leaf I just un-molded this morning. The leaf itself was the smaller of the two I had picked (we weren't sure the table I made it on would hold the weight). They are from what the seed catalog called a "Dragon Tree". The casting weighs almost 20 pounds and my plan for painting it is going to be an ocean sunset... should be fun, and interesting :)


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