Off My Chest...

I was going to write a nice fluffy blog about my new job and how very well it's going. Less stress, less drama, better quality of customers all that... To sum it up- I like it there! Now, onto pressing matters- one that has settled  somewhere between my breasts and rib cage and I want it off!!

(sirens blaring and loud speaker crackles--- KKKRRRCCCHHHHTTTT- ATTENTION! If you cannot or do not understand this is my opinion- please leave now! If you are sensitive to curse words- seriously, close this browser window NOW!!!)

Syria. In the news last night, with little snippets of importance here and there it was mostly- Syria. Every channel, every newscast- Syria, Syria, Syria!!! Holy shit on a shingle- they are fighting! Again!! Wait- they never stopped did they? Israel versus Pakistan. Egypt versus any form of power. Iran against everybody, and of course Afghanistan/Iraq/Taliban against us! The exception to the rule right now being head douche bag of Syria (whatever the hell his name is- couldn't spell it if I did know) has used biological/chemical weapons on his own people.... (loaded pause) He has weapons of mass destruction he has used on his own people... (loaded pause). Now all of a sudden- Obama wants to get involved! A foreign power that isn't out friend has WMD's- well no shit Sherlock!!! They are the ones that Saddam drove over the border before we invaded the second time (subsequently making Bush II looking like even more an epic failure)! The fucking things probably have "Property of Saddam Hussein" painted in Arabic on them!!

Before this rant goes any farther- I am sure there are some lovely, nice Arab members in my community. I'm a sure of it! Have I met one? Abso-fucking-loutly not! From the old job, they would much rather insult me, rant in my face, and tell me I should be stoned... So, is there any love lost between me and Arabs? Nope.

Bashar al-Assad- I googled it- has effectively been committing genocide for who knows how long? He just finally figured out he can get a higher body count when using WMD's and thus used one recently. I think it's funny that Obama and our previous presidents have let genocide fall by the wayside- lifting their hands in the air and shaking their heads "Not our deal, dude. Sorry. We don't get involved." But now- now that a WMD has been used by an un-friendly- we're all up in his shit, threatening a military response. So in a sense our country is saying genocide is okay, unless you use chemicals and kill in mass quantity? I'm right aren't I? Why else would we not have gotten involved in the genocides in countless African countries?

Here's my point. The Middle East will ALWAYS be in turmoil. Always fighting, always committing acts of terrorism and playing it off like- "Bro, chill- Allah said I could!" Here's how we fix it. Arm them. Arm them all!! To the teeth!! And point them at each other! Point Israel at Pakistan and vice versa. Point Iran at Everybody and vice versa, same with Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and let them have the hell at it!!! Will innocent people be killed? Yes. They are anyways! To see NBC's Anne Curry interviewing wounded children in refugee camps at 6:30 last night, hearing the broken translation being "We will blame America and Mr. Obama if he doesn't help our people..." They will blame us anyways if we go in, if we don't go in- so fuck it! Light up and off load some ammo! Their bullshit fighting because an Iranian man sneezed in the general direction of a Syrian lady- boom! Let's kill people mentality- WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!

My other alternative is a couple well placed nukes, turning the high desert and mountains into a little something I like to call a "glass parking lot". But that isn't the best option given the prevailing winds, blah, blah, blah... And as far as Russian Vladimir Putin's stern warning "If you attack Syria, there will be consequences.." Bitch please! Sit your ass down and go hunting or something. Shit dude, you're so stupid and behind in the times I'm amazed your aren't flaunting a hammer and sickle tattoo while smoking a Cuban cigar and killing Afghani people for sport. Putin and his bullshit ideas against gay rights sickens me to another whole level so don't even get me started on Cold War Captain Fucktard!!

Fighting in the Middle East will never stop. It's sad, but it won't stop. If you left just once person from each country standing- they would find some reason to kill the other guys. We got involved in Afghanistan because Osama blew up our buildings- I know. I was in D.C. And my then husband went to fight the war we subsequently started in Iraq when we "thought" Saddam had WMD's. It's 12 years later and we are still fighting in Iraq, still fighting in Afghanistan- to what end? I thought it would be over when we got Saddam and Osama (who, if you'll remember, was being hidden in Pakistan? Yeah, they need to die too)- but it didn't end, did it? Do we really need to start another fucking 12 plus year war in countries more lethal then the first two? As horrible as this will sound- al-Assad killed his own people. In his own country. He didn't launch an WMD, and land it in the middle of New York City, did he?

There's a simple phrase I'd like everyone to think about- "Don't poke the bear." If we go to war, that's what we will do- with a really big sharp stick, we will poke the bear. Sending more of our boys into that hornet's nest will be a suicide mission- we as American people understand that- so why in the fuck doesn't Obama?

(steps down off of soapbox as the all clear siren blares from loud speakers and take s a deep breath...) Ah... I feel better.


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