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From Both Sides of the Lens: Straight Talk from a Model Turned Photographer

So… You want to be a model. Good for you! You’ve got the confidence to go out there and flaunt it- or do you? Do you want to be a model because you think that Kate Upton don’t have anything on you? Or do you think you can be a model because you look like hot shit in your Instagram and Facebook selfies? Or maybe, just maybe, you were plucked from a crowd by a photographer that kissed you in the ear with promises of stardom, when really all he wanted was to see how far you’d go in hopes of that promised stardom? The odd of you becoming the next Kate Upton, Tyra Banks, or even more old school Kate Moss are slim to none. It hurts to hear it, but let’s face facts ladies.
I was a model while in college- I enjoyed getting all made up and sitting pretty for a photographer, naked, for a hundred dollars an hour. It was fun, and did wonders for my self-esteem. I like looking through my old modeling books, knowing that was me back then- it still gives me a boost of that sexy feeling today. But n…

Off My Chest...

I was going to write a nice fluffy blog about my new job and how very well it's going. Less stress, less drama, better quality of customers all that... To sum it up- I like it there! Now, onto pressing matters- one that has settled  somewhere between my breasts and rib cage and I want it off!!

(sirens blaring and loud speaker crackles--- KKKRRRCCCHHHHTTTT- ATTENTION! If you cannot or do not understand this is my opinion- please leave now! If you are sensitive to curse words- seriously, close this browser window NOW!!!)

Syria. In the news last night, with little snippets of importance here and there it was mostly- Syria. Every channel, every newscast- Syria, Syria, Syria!!! Holy shit on a shingle- they are fighting! Again!! Wait- they never stopped did they? Israel versus Pakistan. Egypt versus any form of power. Iran against everybody, and of course Afghanistan/Iraq/Taliban against us! The exception to the rule right now being head douche bag of Syria (whatever the hell his name i…

The Steel Wool Experiment Part 2

We did it again... Saturday night. Only this time, we started a bit earlier so there was light in the background.

Hubby is the spinner in most of these... He's been figuring out new circle configurations.
Then I took a turn and went all nuts!!!
Here's where another aspect of the experimentation came into play... I stood between Hubby spinning fire, and Camera Buddy W who was tending the cameras.

Then we played with a portable flash from a camera. I set it off three times, moving each time... Very creepy... Very much need to work on it a bit more:)

This shot, actually the remaining of these were all done with BULB exposures on F-8. Notice the odd trail above in the star field- we have no idea what it was, is was just there... Then it wasn't.

We were waiting for Hubby to get ready for a spin and played around with BULB exposures and Camera Buddy W played with a flashlight:)

If any of my other camera buddies are interested... I am thinking of doing this once was have snow on…

13 Shots of Greatness...

A sort of planned, but not really photo shoot occurred last night after I had an all early evening photo shoot that had also popped up out of nowhere. Both were absolutely phenomenal!! Hubby helped out immensely in both shoots- (reflector holder, pose idea guy in the evening shoot) and in the dark night hours shoot (whisk spinner extraordinaire).
SAFETY NOTICE!! You absolutely must not try this alone! You must do this in an open, paved space with nothing flammable nearby, you must wear protective eye, body, and hand gear.
EQUIPMENT NEEDED: wire kitchen whisk; at least ten feet of clothesline rope or cable; lighter or 9 volt battery (to ignite the steel wool); 0 to 0000 steel wool (lower the 0, more sparks- we used 000 steel wool); camera with ability to capture at least 20 to 30 second exposures (my buddy used 30 second exposures, I used 20 second exposures). You Tube search "steel wool photography" if you'd like a tutorial.
IMAGE SPECS: All of these were taken at F-11, so…

A Simple Kind of Life...

No, I have not ventured out west to take these photos. These were all taken around my house on Saturday. These can also be described as the death knell photos as my 20d Canon took a poop, see last photo in the posting:)
I cannot decide if I like the color or black and white version better of this shot

I definitely like the black and white versions of these two.

Bunches of Dill hanging on the garage...
Shadow of Dill blossoms of Hosta Leaves
Upward shot of Dill set against the sky- my camera crapped out exactly 2 nanoseconds after this photo was taken!

Stress and Creativity...

I have a screaming migraine right now. Like throbbing in the skull, coffee not killing it quick enough, please goddess let the meds kick in Migraine. Not cool. I blame the weather, allergies to the god forsaken corn field pollinating, and lack of sleep last night for whatever reason. And stress. Gots me lots of that, sort of.

Stressors- A Break Down
Camera Issues:
Saturday my main camera took a poop. According to the all mighty Google and the Canon cameras website- it really took a poop! I did everything the website suggested that might cure the issue- it didn't. Camera dead. And wouldn't you know it- I have a paid shoot next week Tuesday!! So, I talked it out with hubby- $250 at least and a month without it sending it to Canon to get it fixed (when I paid $150 for the camera) or just bite the big old bullet and find a new one online. We took the last option. I found a new Canon 20d body on Amazon (more certifiable then Craigslist) for $125 and bought the sucker. Ouch. Oh well. …