Seductive Incense...

The air outside is an unstable as my body on the inside. I’ve lost count on how many nights ago that I slept past 5am and didn’t wake up with a feeling of topsy-turvy in my stomach, dreading putting on my uniform and sneakers with the rainbow cheetah print laces. I would like to blame the Maple tree outside filled with sunrise welcoming, chirping birds, but I know that isn’t the case. I know it’s the reason I set my alarm for 6:15am- work. Yesterday at work, I was told it was as good as final that my store manager expected me to quit. That my hours were to be docked from the slamming 20 hours I have had the last three weeks, to about four hours- more likely two per week. My store manager gave me his information so as I could start to make him a reference on a new slew of job applications- saying he wished he would be able to provide me with more hours as I am a hard dedicated worker… Today- everything had changed. No longer would I be getting my hours cut, hell- they might even be getting increased from my usual 12-15 hour weeks to closer to 20 hours. That we would no longer be getting a new assistant manager that would have eaten up any hours remaining for myself and one other cashier. Topsy-turvy. Is it any wonder why I have trouble sleeping lately?

So, here I sit, in my temporary office- that is the kitchen. Sienna likes to sleep at my feet and stay close today since I brought her home from my Mom’s this afternoon. With the chances of thunderstorms, I didn’t want to leave her home alone, so I dropped her off there. Since there has been what could be considered a rumble of thunder- I moved my laptop to the kitchen table, with my happily sleeping dog at my feet- the mechanical hum and thump of the washer and dryer doing their things in the basement below me. Incense smoke seductively easing tension from my mind with its scent, as well as the tall mint plant in its pot in the table each time my calico brushes against it to come get love or a nibble to eat from the bowl in the bathroom. The first round of stress relieving yoga humming through my veins, and as soon as I finish this blog entry I will be taking a long shower and doing another round- as I feel I have eaten a bit much of the homemade chocolate chip cookies Hubby made last night and a few too many slices this week of the homemade bread I made in the new bread machine we got from my mom. That and I absolutely love my new yoga mat…

I have been out of work since 1pm today, I am off for the holiday tomorrow, and it just so happens- Hubby is off work as well! Then it’s back to the plastic bags of drama for four hours on Friday morning, and four hours on my first Saturday shift ever. One cashier quit/disappeared leaving a hole in the weekend- goody, goody- I get to fill them. In spite of my protesting to my store manager- telling him yet again- that I was not to work weekends, on the off chance I should have a family portrait shoot- those don’t work for weekdays, and that my working a Saturday shift this week and next will be my ONLY shifts on that day… He smiled. Assured me he would be hiring someone to fill in the weekend shifts. He better. I’ve got no problems going back to filling out job applications- been there, done that. It would be a relief to be employed somewhere else at this point- with less drama and personnel complications then this one has had. Oh, and less lying. That would be nice too.

The air outside has grown more muggy and hazy- the blue sky blocked out by puffy clouds turning into thunderstorms… This is summer. A summer that, by the calendar is a third over. Time flies. It really isn’t fair- but it happens. 


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