POP! Go the Boom Booms!!

Hubby took me out for a relaxing evening of classical music- yes, yes I do like the classics. Especially with the bait of fireworks during the climax of the "1812 Overture"!! After a tromp up the ski slope to find the perfect spot, Hubby opened our vintage wicker picnic basket to reveal the most perfect dinner imagined. One he packed while I was laying down trying to kill a migraine prior to our date night.

The last time I was at this particular ski area, it was a tad painful, very emotional, and extremely healing...

This time, was just a very nice evening with my loving Hubby...

 Nothing says great evening like red wine in mason jars!

 Swirling mass of humanity

 Picnic staples- bug bracelets, smart phone, old quilt, camera lens cover, and cheesecake in a box.
Cutest older couple waiting for the show.
My smart phone blurred the image a bit, but I still really love the feel of it!!

There's supposed to be an earth shattering KABOOM!!!


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