Meanwhile, Behind the Camera Lens...

So, as of late, there have been some amazing skyscapes out here in the sticks. Just, absolutely mind blowing displays of Mother Nature's ability to make us feel small and captivated by what she can do with her paintbrush of many colors.  

The beginning of a thunderstorm

No filters or color tweaking- this is what it looked like outside!

Pardon the grainy quality, as this was taken with my baby Nikon, not monster Canon camera:)

A symphony of grays against a canvas of blues.

Just... Wow....

In a couple entry's last week, I made mention of the fact I was going to be attending what is known as a "group shoot" on Thursday. During group shoots, we the numerous photographers, have our photographic ways with the models- in this case I believe it was 10 or 12. Now, while I didn't get the chance to photograph all the models there- I got some really nice stuff of the ones I did get to shoot. Plus the behind the scenes shots that I absolutely love to take.

This is what happens when a wave of cold water smacks the bottom on a model as the shutter clicks.



I absolutely loved the colors of this model's outfit and the scarf and the sky, even though a sunset of glowing orange behind her would have almost been better.

The group shoot was immense fun all the way around. I met new models that I would love to work with again, met more fellow photographers that I would love to pick the brains of someday, and went home at the end of the evening with tons of great images!!!

In other news- who has a job interview tomorrow? THIS GIRL!!! I will be interviewing at the farm store tomorrow morning, and fingers crossed- all will go well!!! The sweet scent of baking bread is filling my office now, reminding me that I shall soon have to pop the fresh loaf from the bread machine and get another one cooking:) And among other things- catch up on e-mails, update my website, and so much more!!! Have a great day! I will be sure to post how the interview goes!!!


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