(In Best Minion Voice) ha ha ha... Poop

The air conditioners are off for a while, I hope. The windows of the house are open and the sweet smell of cow poop is filtering through the house on the breeze, and probably perfuming my laundry hanging on the line drying. The guniea pigs are napping after I cleaned their beds this morning. Sienna and the cats are napping in the kitchen and I am here, with butt glued to the computer chair working on six things at once. Catching up on e-mails, updating my website, writing a blog, creating a pocket pose guide for a shoot on Thursday,  and editing pictures from three different photo shoots in the last four days. I am three photos away from being done with the shoot from Friday, 125 photos away from being done with the shoot on Saturday, and I just got done sorting out the not so hot outtakes from a boudoir shoot I assisted on last night. Progress happens in smallish steps.

It’s my hopes that tomorrow morning I can return here to my computer seat with iced coffee in hand and wrap up at least the family photos from Saturday, having finished the shots from Friday- then there will only be one set en que before I head off to the beach Thursday night for a wondrous beach shoot featuring 13 models at last count and I will be buried back under my comforting pile of photo editing like a cushy soft, sunshine dried quilt on a hot July dayJ

On the job front, I have been filling out applications as I hear of jobs available, most recently turning one in this morning to a place that, should I get the job, I will be working with my father again. As he has been a manager there at the farm store since he closed the shop in April. I have mixed feelings. On the good side- it’s comforting to think I will again be working with my dad. You don’t realize how different life is when you go from seeing your father every day, five days a week to maybe once every two weeks. On the downside- it will be working under my dad’s management, along a completely different skills set, different rules, and in an environment that isn’t only filled with family- but strangers. The work environment at this place is wholesome and down home country, which will be about a thousand percent better than my former job at Dollar Hellhole.

Other events this week and last included Skijit, that calico cat, getting “sick” after another one of her adventures into the great wild yard (she manages to escape from the basement when we have the big door open letting in fresh air) but today she’s back to her non-sneezing, eating, drinking, rough housing with Morganna self. Tonight, she won’t be so happy considering I bought a needle loaded with vaccine for her scrawny little behind to get poked by. Sienna, again, was run amuck with fleas (we have determined the yard is full of them in spite of our best efforts to kill the little bastards with pesticide). But each time I clean the house, spray my homemade anti flea tea on all the fabrics, and scrub her till my fingers tingle with flea shampoo- that’s more of them I kill! Last Tuesday night, one of our male piggies, Sam, suddenly died. He’d been completely fine, no signs of illness till dinnertime last Tuesday. Then within fifteen minutes of getting him out and making a game plan, he died in Hubby’s arms. His cagemate and brother, Elliott, seems to be doing fine. Enjoying the fact that all the hay in the manger is now his, that the banana chips we put in their dry chow are all his, and that he can bounce back and forth from house to house, without Sam beating him is something he can do now.

But, like I said- I have photos that need editing and photography gear to be getting together for my shoot on Thursday… Until I write again- maybe tomorrow even- I will leave you with this random shot I took yesterday morning. Gotta admit- it’s a great shot J Even if you don’t like bugs.


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