Change Blows... Like the Wind???

Big change- three months overdue I feel, kinda. Tonight is my last night at the retail thing. After gutting it out, learning new things, and being constantly lied to in a highly toxic, attempted to be ruled by fear & the all mighty "write up"- I am walking out of the store at the end of my closing shift tonight with my head held high and possibly a smile on my face.

The toxic level that things have gotten to be in a store, a big box bargin type store, has gotten to the level that one is afraid of potentially stepping (literally) wrong for fear of a write up. My manager attempts to rule by fear, you don't do this, that, or them in this order- you will be written up. This or that (like not getting more then $10.00 a week for a company do-good fund by asking every customer with their own needs for their hard earned pocket change) will be grounds for termination... I just can't do it anymore! I cannot deal with be threatened for every little fucking thing, have my "promised hours" go from 12-15 (when they should be 20) down to 2-4 (won't cover cost of fuel in my vehicle), to be repeatedly told "when your photography business fails, you'll need a REAL job" daily by my manager, to be told "you're so important to this store, you set the ad efficiently and quickly when you're told to, but why in the hell didn't you get your required amount of product on the shelves and run the register- I could write you up"... I am done.

Beyond the pissy, bitchy, grumpy, treat-me-like-shit 60% of the customers, it's retail- that's going to be wherever I land employment wise in retail- the topsy-turvy threats and bull**** is more then anyone should have to deal with! I cannot believe a corporation allows this treatment of their employees much less expects anyone to stay as long as I did. I was lied to from the get go and I'm out. To come home after a shift and want to do nothing more then sit and cry in a stupor, too stressed to eat or function isn't something a CASHIER should have to go through, much less deal with a manager (younger then I am, but that's not the issue) that lords his "power" over you and makes you feel like a piece of shit when you did your job as you were told to do it is just garbage.

Am I having fun filling out yet again another round of applications? No. Did I want to do it? Hell no. Will I do it? Until I become a rich and famous photographer/author- I have to. Bills gotta get paid. Until I get hired somewhere that the employees are treated fairly and not forced to work in toxic work environments, I will be looking forward to a little time where I don't have to hate getting into my uniform and driving fifteen minutes to work 4 hours shifts in retail hell.


  1. Congratulations! There are better jobs out there with management that treats you with respect. Go get it girl!

  2. Thank you so much Larry!!! Comments like your's helps me think it was indeed a good decision I made... Been feeling a tad guilty.


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