Caffeine and Photo Editing Madenss

Thought process in tune with Elvis Presley's "All Shook Up"... "My eyes are bleary, my foots asleep... I can't stand the smell and I have to pee..." 

The remainder of the day yesterday (after blog posting) till Hubby got home around six, and then from 10 AM till about five minutes ago when the last picture filled e-mail left my outbox- I have been photo editing. My desk is strewn with granola bar wrappers, assorted cups filled with mystery liquids long flat or diluted with melted ice, notes scribbled on post it notes about which files go where and to whom, chewed on pencils from hoping my file uploads went through, and a to do list of what I still need to do. My face is clammy and there's a kink in my neck from talking on my smartphone while I work, and I am fairly certain something may have perhaps died here in my office from a slightly less then polite stink emitting from somewhere... Wait... (sniffs around) gees- that's me!

But it's done. All my photo editing is done!! Finished my model from Friday's shots and got a good run on the family portraits yesterday. I finished the family portraits, burned the high resolution ones to CD, and shipped out the websized ones via Dropbox. Stopping, clothing myself; shaving my teeth; and brushing my hair (wait... well, something like that anyways) somewhere in between to get the CDs in their envelope to the post office and mailed out. And for the last two hours- edited, played with, and e-mailed out the remaining 30 plus shots from my shoot on Monday night. But I did it! I'm done! I am all caught up! Bring on the big 'ol photo shoot tomorrow! My slate is officially clean!

Oops... Shit! That's tomorrow? Dammit! I need to get my camera gear ready, clean lenses, format CF cards, charge batteries, find my camera back pack, load my camera backpack, pick out my warm weather to chilly weather outfit (we will be on the beach, and suddenly it's Autumn outside temperature wise), print up a sheet of crib notes on pose ideas I might want to use tomorrow night, make sure I have enough business cards in my bag (never know who might want one), crap- I have no AA's for my big flash- well, I do need to go pick up Hubby from work in the morning, I can get them then. Shit! Do I have enough gas to pick him up? What about to get to the studio? Am I part of the carpool tomorrow night? How much does gas cost right now... Gas? Gas. What did I have for breakfast? Wasn't this container of iced mocha full this morning? It's almost empty... Holy Mother of... I think my kidney's are throbbing... Need to pee...

Until later everyone!


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