Just Because...

Why? Because who doesn't see a massive thunderstorm roaring towards her house, hands the camera to her husband and does a spur of the moment bow/wheel pose in front of it?? In her husband's boxers? Might just have to use my own photo in my "Women Doing Yoga" photography project!!

The Clematis plant climbing up the trellis near our kitchen. It's so pretty and PURPLE!!

Afternoon sunshine glowing through old glory.

Today I have caught up on many things. I cleaned in the basement, visited with my parents that their house, finished laundry I started last night, filled the water softener with 6 40 pounds bags of salt and ran a charge cycle, picked up the house, had a lovely lunch with another episode of NCIS season 9, have cleaned up my office, scanned new images into the photo concept folder onto my phone, unloaded a pile of pictures from said phone to free up space in it's brain and am now seated in front of my computer writing a blog entry that includes a few pictures I have been meaning to put here- pictures that have been sitting on the desktop of my computer going "Put me on the blog! Put me on the Blog!!!"

Hubby had to work today, a dayside 12 hour shift, leaving me home alone to get things accomplished that have been nagging at me to do (see list above). He and I had a lovely little date night last night, however, going to the resturant we love to frequent just reminds me of going to work since it is on the direct path I take to work each day- ugh. Oh well. We ate, chatted, and went to do a bit of grocery shopping at Mejiers. Fun, fun. Then it was relaxing at home, playing on his Facebook page, and then the storm blew it. Rained like crazy, but there was no lightning or thunder- good for the dog :)

The photos below have gone over huge on my facebook page, so I think I will be soon offering them as prints on my website. 

I have tomorrow off, as well as Monday- and while I don't have to work at work, I have to go into Grand Rapids and fill my quota of cleaning work at the studio. It is really nice to do that. Just me in the studio rocking out to my favorite music, doing what I like to do- clean. I am just really enjoying my little time off from work right now :) Have a great weekend!!!


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