Holy Busy Much??

For the first morning since last week sometime- I didn't wake up with a preconcieved idea on what was going to happen over the course of the day. No structure beyond the fact I have to work tonight.

Last Thursday, I was planning on the logistics of helping Hubby set up for the big weekend demo in Rockford around having a sick dog Sienna. We went to Rockford and tried to set up, however, there was no tent set up for us, which kicked the concept of getting set up right down the pooper. Friday started at a dead run the minute my feet hit the floor- I opened the store at 8am, worked till noon. Changed into my demo clothing complete with my camera gear that spent my shift locked up in the back office and off I went to Rockford to work in the demo booth all night long. At some point the stress and the heat aggrvated me straight into a medical issue my hubby had to mend while we worked the med tent, ironic, eh? I suffered from a quick onset of heat exhaustion that resulted in literally having ice pack on ever major pulse point on my body and being forced to drink water. Hubby took my blood pressure, garnering odd looks from onlookers, the result of which only made him more concern. In the end, I was fine by the time we got home Friday night. Saturday- busy, busy, busy from start to finish.

Sunday, Mom came over and helped me bath our cat Morganna, who we quickly found out was the reason for the latest onset of flea population in our home. So after a run into town for supplies- Hubby and I spent the entire day cleaning the house within an inch of it's life, bathing dig, treating all the animals (save for the piggies) with flea goop. The day ended with having father's day dinner with my family at my brother's house. Monday- I had to be in to work by 9:30, worked till 1:30. Came home, and promptly went into mowing the lawn and year work, since the weather forecast was speaking of major storms and rain before Hubby could come home and mow. Well- they lied. It didn't storm here, just around us. Regardless, I worked on my tan, got the yard mowed and string trimmed and also got some great lightning shots of which I have yet to have time even get off my camera!!

Yesterday- opened the store, worked till after 1pm since a co-worked had a bone to pick with my manager and didn't think to come in early to raise a fuss- just took half and hour of his beginning shift ten minutes into my getting out :( I came home and promptly felt like shit. I tried to sleep, didn't work. I had sever pain in my neck and shoulders. So I laid low till Hubby came home. He cracked my back after I did basic stretch everything yoga poses, then energy balenced me by way of using his Reiki mallets, then massaged my back, smeared me in Tiger Balm and nailed me with a high dose of aspirin since my one remaining Flexerall has gone missing. We order dinner out, he picked it up and we chilled at home for the evening.

Thus far today- I slept in, watching AM news shows with Sienna before feeding her and myself. I have laundry started- since I wore my last clean uniform to work yesterday and have downloaded the two Florence and the Machine Albums I have been aching for recently. I have had the computer upgrading itself since I haven't so much as booted it up since last week sometime. Hopefully- I can get to work on photos from a photo shoot last week, and the massive mountain of other photos from this weekend, including lightning shots from Monday night :) Stay tuned for another blog soon to come filled with photos from busy bee adventures!!!

Off to hang another load of laundry and to boot up the photo editing engine!!


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