Where Have I Been???

My my how time flies when being a grown up gets in the way. Many a things have changed in my life over the course of the past few weeks. An ever unsettled feeling has set in my bones that I am now living with on a daily basis. My family business is closed and just a memory now, the shop has been emptied into various dumpster loads and property relocating, and our neighbor (distant relation) has settled in and made the shop his gigantic man cave complete with stuffed dead animals, coffee maker, poker table, and many a tractor and motorcycle.

"Trillium Glow"


I recently, as in last night was my fifth shift, have gained employment at a local dollar store. The store itself was and still is in major upheaval with two managers getting transferred to a different store, three new hires (including myself) trying to settle in, as well as an new manager coming. I will call him "The Cleaner" here, as he is the manager the District Manager sends to less then perfect stores to get them running in top order once again. He's a brutally honest gent with painfully honest words, that finally came clean with me last night saying he couldn't believe I had been told I was to be getting 20-30 hours a week, when in fact I was hired as "filler"- only getting 15 hours a week at most. Not cool. At all. Being promised one thing to find out I'd only be getting half of that promise. 

That being said, I will still be looking around for employment and should something arise that promises more hours- I will jump on that ship instead. Right now, my hours at pay at the store barely cover my fuel to get there and back three times a week, much less actually help with house bills. Plus, being bounced from a closing shift one night- 5pm to 9:30pm, only to have an opening shift 8am-12pm, isn't kind to the body, much less time spent with Hubby. But I did expect a little fluctuation within the home life with having a day job now.

"Morning Light"

"Trillium Path"

But the hours at work still allow me time to play with my passion of photography! And that is good. That is one of a few solid constants in my life right now. Recently, I got to shoot alongside one of the photographer's whose work I most admired from afar. He's a very wonderful man to get to know, and took the time during our simultaneous shoots to teach me little things, here and there. Which, by being a photographer- you will always be needing to learn things. And I am "just starting out" so to speak.

"Trillium Field Reflections"

Finally- Mother Nature has granted me with the beauty of trillium flowers. I stalked the poor little buds for close to a week, before actually getting to photograph them on a humid 80 degree afternoon last week. I fallen back in love with this local park, ten minutes from my home, and am very much looking forward to taking beautiful ladies there for photo shoots this spring, summer, and into the autumn months.

"White Carpet"

"Blue Bells"

"Hobbit's Way"

In more photography news, I was welcomed even more so to the "Big Camera Club" circle by attending my first member's meeting that the studio I use. Another learning experience, but not photography wise per se. More so it was learning about how to get me, as a photographer looking to be paid now and again, out there into the big wide world of paid photo shoots and enriching my client base. It was a lot of fun to get to know more photographers that also use the studio, plus I gained a new term I shall probably use no and again- "Out of Control Amateur Photographer".

"Jack in the Pulpit"

Progress has happened with my "Women Doing Yoga" photography project. If little else, I'd like to think I can get some wicked photos to sell for prints from this. Plus there is the potential that I might even make a photo book out of it all when said and done. I do have a connection in the print world :) As soon as I have a few more images, I will censor them appropriately and pose a series of them here. I will be getting more images for the "Yoga Collection" both Thursday and Saturday.
 But this crazy idea of mine has also gained me another wonderful model that I not only consider a model, but now a close friend. Seems that's the path- I shoot the pretty girls a couple times and BOOM! I have girlfriends! Really super pretty ones to boot!!

This stunning lass is "Leona". She mind-blowingly gorgeous, with a bubbly, up for anything approach to modeling. Like in the photo below this paragraph- she saw the pond and said "I'm going in there!" To which I replied "But it's cold, and there's snakes, and muck and IT'S COLD!" She cast me a smile, batted her eyelashes, and went running in. 500 pictures and a few goosebumps later, we carried on to the next setting.

She truly is a wonderful woman to work with, and I cannot wait for our next shoot together here at the bright and newly green homestead on Thursday. Weather pending, I have many a great ideas for outdoors stuff if the weather is nice, if the weather is rainy... Well, she's up for working out int he rain and I have a few really cool indoor settings already set up in case we need them. I really don't want to have either of us in harms ways shooting outside under umbrellas in a rip-snorting thunderstorm. Cool shots, probably. Safe? Not so much :)

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