Crap... Just Crap...

I had a seriously crap shift at work last night. My co-worker described it as the curse of the Thursday. I call it the nasty, mean, rotten condition of humanity. It plagued the store and made me feel like a failure and I will be getting a write up due to something that happened.

It was busy the minute my feet hit the floor behind my register, customer after customer- the line ten deep at times. I rang up one woman's order totaling about $50 dollars when a pack of crayons she was getting rang up for a dollar rather then fifty cents. She made me follow her to the middle of the store and demanded an explanation. Well, all I could manage was that another person that works in my store, put the wrong crayons in the wrong spot with the wrong price sticker and there was nothing I could do other then void the crayons from her order, thus making her not pay for them. Her reply? "Just void the whole F***ing thing!" and marched right out the door. I had eight customers in line. With an open order- that I don't know how to void out entirely. Crap. I get she might have been having a bad day at that in that moment being an all out bitch drama queen in front of eight strangers and the rookie cashier was all she could manage, but shit, woman, Grow Up! I apoligized to everyone on in line, got my manager to void the entire thing- things started moving along again.

Then came the drunk, moody, menopause club and the defunked coffee machine. I understand manufacturers make mistakes and sometimes a bad product makes it to the shelf. But to march into the store, screaming and ranting about it while you are drunk off your pooper does no one any good. I went to get my manager again to have her handle the return while I kept ringing up people in my line. While this woman is threatening lawsuits, demanding she be reimbursed, of course with no recipet, my manager kept her cool. The the drunks cohorts promptly pulled off the coffeemakers of the same kind off the shelves, brought them to the front of the store, unpackaged them all just to prove they were all dangerous, demanding to speak to someone with more power then my manager. Wow. Too much wine + friends + an audience= DRAMA QUEEN!!!

At the tail end of them leaving the store, I was a bit frazzled with all that commotion behind me at the next register, guests cutting in front of other guests I was ringing up just to ask where something was then getting upset because I couldn't drop everything and take care of the crucially important Depends question! A gentleman about 6'3" stepped up with a box of Frosted Flakes. He was as big around as he was tall, with a light colored baseball cap, elastic band gym shorts, a blue tee shirt and a salt and pepper beard. He fucking hustled me. He scammed me. I swore I gave him back his twenty dollar bill change, which he palmed, held out a $1 bill, "Ma'am, this is a one. Not my twenty." In the commotion, I handed him a twenty and he walked out the door. Then that sick feeling sunk in. That bastard saw I was frazzled, saw I was busy, and fucking scammed me knowing full well I would catch it after he was long gone and that I couldn't do anything to fix it. There's my write up. My first ever at any job I have worked fucking write up because of some dirty asshole that saw a chance to rip me off for twenty bucks. FUCK YOU SIR! FUCK YOU!!

To top a screaming busy, frantic evening- my credit card reader died 15 minutes from the end of my shift, making switch to another register with a line of people waiting. A guy walked in at 5 minutes to close and proceeded to shop until 9:15 pm (when I was supposed to be punching out, FYI). My manager and I didn't walk out the doors and lock them until 10 pm, and I felt like crap for her since she had to be back by 4 am to unload the truck... The Thursday curse. There is underlying drama happening behind the scenes at work preventing everyone from getting their schedule for next week- mind you I know I work today, but not tomorrow- haven't gotten that schedule yet...

More bad news- Sienna has fleas. Like we've washed her with flea shampoo and treated her twice, she's still itching voraciously and I am washing all bedding & rugs, sweeping, mopping the entire bedroom this morning. I have had a handful of great photo shoots, but have been to busy with other shoots and work, and struggling to keep my sanity that I am WAY FAR behind on getting a model her shots- so I shall be signing off here and working my ass off on getting her photos done today, hopefully. I haven't even had coffee, or breakfast, and I think my monthly wonder is early this month. Dammit. Dammit, Dammit!!!


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