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Crap... Just Crap...

I had a seriously crap shift at work last night. My co-worker described it as the curse of the Thursday. I call it the nasty, mean, rotten condition of humanity. It plagued the store and made me feel like a failure and I will be getting a write up due to something that happened.

It was busy the minute my feet hit the floor behind my register, customer after customer- the line ten deep at times. I rang up one woman's order totaling about $50 dollars when a pack of crayons she was getting rang up for a dollar rather then fifty cents. She made me follow her to the middle of the store and demanded an explanation. Well, all I could manage was that another person that works in my store, put the wrong crayons in the wrong spot with the wrong price sticker and there was nothing I could do other then void the crayons from her order, thus making her not pay for them. Her reply? "Just void the whole F***ing thing!" and marched right out the door. I had eight customers in line. With…

Where Have I Been???

My my how time flies when being a grown up gets in the way. Many a things have changed in my life over the course of the past few weeks. An ever unsettled feeling has set in my bones that I am now living with on a daily basis. My family business is closed and just a memory now, the shop has been emptied into various dumpster loads and property relocating, and our neighbor (distant relation) has settled in and made the shop his gigantic man cave complete with stuffed dead animals, coffee maker, poker table, and many a tractor and motorcycle.

"Trillium Glow"
I recently, as in last night was my fifth shift, have gained employment at a local dollar store. The store itself was and still is in major upheaval with two managers getting transferred to a different store, three new hires (including myself) trying to settle in, as well as an new manager coming. I will call him "The Cleaner" here, as he is the manager the District Manager sends to less th…