Pretty Pictures, Cloudy Day...

Saturday- Hubby, Globug, and I ventured out after a family function to the Mejier Gardens- not realizing exactly how busy it was going to be. We did a fast circle, amazed at the amount of people there- preventing any really great photos- but I think I captured a couple really good ones :)

Friday morning- one of my model girlfriends came over and after so Facebook friendly photos were taken outside, she and I played around in the bathtub with milk and flowers. She is the second model I have done this concept with and honestly, I like some of the creative angles I shot this most recent time.

Some images have been edited to make them public friendly of course...

I have a list of other models and ideas I want to try this with, so there may be other shots in the future like this.

The weather here the past three days has been wretched to say the least. My basement looks like a water park, complete with indoor waterfalls when that rain is really coming down. We've gotten close to four inches of rain since Monday morning! With another 2-3 due before Friday. Now, I really do love thunderstorms (no I haven't gotten any lightning shots as most of the storms have been happening during daylight hours)... I am actually considering opening an indoor dive site if this rain doesn't stop soon!! I have fans going 24 hours a day plus the pellet stove cranked up to almost high, just trying to keep some drying happening- but with that being said- my house is as humid as North Carolina in July!!

I want spring weather, dammit! Sunny skies that I can hang my laundry on the lines outside and save electricity by not using the dryer. I want to do outdoor photography. I want to start work on my "Women doing Yoga in Nature" photography project!! I want the flowers to start blooming and the cloudy yuck to go away for a little while! I want daily temperatures to get above 45!!! Is that too much to ask for? P.S. Mother Nature and I are no longer on speaking terms. She is an unforgiving bitch that I would rather not speak to right now. Until she decides to finally let us have some nice, warm, sunny weather, any contact with her goes directly to voice mail.

Since the weather is crap, and I have yet to even get a job interview- I will be doing photo editing and finishing a couple drawings/doodles- sipping warm tea and ignoring how hard it's raining. I think a good hour plus of new yoga routines may also happen today.

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