Shootfest Galore!!!

Sunday before last I had the honor of photographing Miss Lauren. While we had only two ideas, it ended up being a wonderful six hour plus shootfest where she would toss out an idea and we would shoot it. I would toss out an idea, she liked it, we shot it.

One wild idea I had was one I have been seeing done by numerous other photographers and I wanted to try it badly. Hubby fashioned an awesome lighting set up in our tiny bathroom and away we went!! It is amazing what a little heavy whipping cream and fresh cut flowers will do in a bathtub! Add a beautiful model and well... The following pictures speak to how awesome it turned out:)

One idea she came to shoot was in the snow. She'd never done a snow shoot, and I having done one with another lovely model wanted to do more. The stark contrast of the snow against her pale skin with the bright pop of red was just mindblowing!! I would post more if I hadn't made the rule of little to select nekkid pictures here on the my blog.

We liked the red so much, we shot the same kind of outfit, only in black, down by the old barn here at the farm stead:)

She was real honest to god trooper. Especially because after the outside stuff was done- we shot the bathtub pictures so she could warm up:)

This past Thursday(4 hours), Friday(8am-12am), and Saturday(8am-11pm) I was shooting a big paid job at the Great Lakes Floral Expo at Devos Place in downtown Grand Rapids. I now have a vast knowledge of flowers, floral design and floral judgeing that I never thought I would have. A few other things I learned- I can successfully hold a drink and shoot my monster camera at the same time. That it is possible to hurt your feet more after walking all day, then putting on heels. And that gay male florists ARE THE COOLEST PEOPLE EVER!!! I have about 2000 pictures to sort through and edit, but as soon as I get some done- I will be sure to post them here.

Yesterday- my home office here got a minor makeover as I was given a huge filing cabinet from my dad's office at the now closed shop. It is amazing how much stuff you can sort through and put away in a more organized space, offering more floor room and a better look. Don't get me wrong- I still have 20 pound sof poop in a 5 pound bag here in the office, but it helps. Not only did my office get a make-over, but I granted myself a little one as well. Some time ago, I cut my hair short, and while I have been trying to grow it out- it wasn't doing it fast enough to suit me. It was awekward and dorky looking so I choppe dit all off. I now have a sexy little SHORT hairstyle. Google search Michelle Williams and that's what I got in a nice assymetrical shape that's easy to wash and go with. Fitting, since I am hoping that at least one or two of the places I applie for a job will call me for an interview! Crossing fingers :)


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