Adventures in Interviewland

I have been going through a process- the one in which ones goes thru to gain employment.

Am I bitter? Yes. Am I pissed? Yes. Do I hate when my time and fuel is wasted on a wile goose chase? Hells Yes!!

I will break it down for ya'll... One hour long application online. One 45 minute long computer based skills test, done after a 20 minute drive on shitty roads with a follow up introductory 15 minute interview, twenty minute drive home on still shitty roads. 2nd interview- half an hour, thirty minute drive time total. 3rd interview- 20 minute drive on SUPER SHITTY ROADS, 15 minute interview. Handshakes, smile "can't wait to work with you", 20 minute drive back home on SUPER SHITTY ROADS. Phone call this morning- "We went with someone that just had a tad more experience than you. But I'd hire you if there was another open position. We'll hang onto your application." Oh- you just effing do that, jerks!

Days wasted. Fuel wasted at $4.00 a gallon equals over half a tank. Make-up wasted. Time ironing clothes, wasted. There is no god damn way there were "30" others who had applied for this job! Not if almost everyone had to do 3 interviews!! I'm not mathematical genius here, but shit- that' doesn't add up! I call bullshit!!

I feel like a total fucking failure! I can't get a god damn job at Walgreens!! What the hell? Hubby said it isn't me. It's the result of a shitty economy/people with no jobs. So many apply for a single spot that the power hungry/infantile ego-sucking/small genetically equipped managers can pick and choose as they please. Stringing poor bitches like me along for- oh yeah, weeks!!

I am mad as hell! At myself for sucking, at the Governor of Michigan for failing small businessmen like my father (the reason I no longer have a job), at the President of this great nation for continuing to fail effing everyone!! Back to square one.

And before someone from the back of the crowd pipes up- no. No I cannot simply apply for unemployment. That would require my previous employer to still be in business, which is sadly not the case.

Back to filling out applications for places I may or may not want to work at but will if it grants me a paycheck bi-weekly. Hubby and I are keeping our heads above the waves- we are kicking like hell to, but we are. I feel like such a failure to him- I have no job. I have been trying and yet nothing! I mean why? I am hard working and willing to work. I don't take sick days. I have experience in retail. It just pisses me off so much!

I wish my photography career would pick up. Get some paid gigs, but it seems when I set a paid job up- something makes them fall thru. Not fair, but it happens right?

I guess I need to have a little faith. Faith that something will come along. Faith that something will come through- be it a run of paid photo jobs or sensible employment... Crossing my fingers.


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