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Waiting is the hardest part. Waiting for the damn phone to ring with a phone number I don't recognize, hoping to hear a voice I don't know offering me an interview. Better yet, here's hoping they call and just flat out offer me a job! No run around, three interviews process, just give me a job. I hate this! I hate having half a dozen applications in at places that are openly hiring, waiting for the phone to ring. I hate even more that when I see ads for job fairs, I go a check things out online to find that sure- I could go there. But what's the use? I haven't a single job skill that they require? I just save the printer ink and paper by not printing my resume and staying home, saving gas. No sense going if I haven't anything they are looking for. Ugh... This sucks!!!

So, in efforts to get myself out there, maybe even make some money to help pay household bills, I published a professional website. Not a self proclaimed Facebook website- but a genuine website wi…


I have officially jumped off the deep end and into the big world of trying to pay bills with my photography!!!

I now have an official website!!!

Check it out!!! Tell your friends!!!
Michelle L. Premer Photography

Adventures in Interviewland

I have been going through a process- the one in which ones goes thru to gain employment.

Am I bitter? Yes. Am I pissed? Yes. Do I hate when my time and fuel is wasted on a wile goose chase? Hells Yes!!

I will break it down for ya'll... One hour long application online. One 45 minute long computer based skills test, done after a 20 minute drive on shitty roads with a follow up introductory 15 minute interview, twenty minute drive home on still shitty roads. 2nd interview- half an hour, thirty minute drive time total. 3rd interview- 20 minute drive on SUPER SHITTY ROADS, 15 minute interview. Handshakes, smile "can't wait to work with you", 20 minute drive back home on SUPER SHITTY ROADS. Phone call this morning- "We went with someone that just had a tad more experience than you. But I'd hire you if there was another open position. We'll hang onto your application." Oh- you just effing do that, jerks!

Days wasted. Fuel wasted at $4.00 a gallon equals …

Photo Adventures in a World of Flowers

As promised- here are mini collections of shots taken over the course of "Flower Fiesta 2013" All of which are available as prints as either singles or the collections themselves. E-mail me for sizes and pricing at "Roses"
"Monochrome 1"
"House of Glass"
"Monochrome 2"
"Orchids" "City Night"
"Pastel View"
"Scented Rainbows"
"Reflective 1"
"Shop Look"
"Red, White, Blue"
"Reflective 2"
"Sunny, Cloudy"
"Up Close, Far Out"
"Up. Down"
"Stone & Glass. Old & New"

Shootfest Galore!!!

Sunday before last I had the honor of photographing Miss Lauren. While we had only two ideas, it ended up being a wonderful six hour plus shootfest where she would toss out an idea and we would shoot it. I would toss out an idea, she liked it, we shot it.

One wild idea I had was one I have been seeing done by numerous other photographers and I wanted to try it badly. Hubby fashioned an awesome lighting set up in our tiny bathroom and away we went!! It is amazing what a little heavy whipping cream and fresh cut flowers will do in a bathtub! Add a beautiful model and well... The following pictures speak to how awesome it turned out:)

One idea she came to shoot was in the snow. She'd never done a snow shoot, and I having done one with another lovely model wanted to do more. The stark contrast of the snow against her pale skin with the bright pop of red was just mindblowing!! I would post more if I hadn't made the rule of little to select nekkid pictures here on the my blog.

We li…