Yoga Mat Equals Frienemie!

Brother Keith during the Christmas Invasion- "Now that you own and wear yoga pants, you'll have to follow through, you know that right?"

I have been doing yoga once a day (mostly), twice on some days since December 29th. I like it. At first, not so much- it was kinda of a kick in the teeth to watch flexy bendy yoga dude on the DVD do something I was sure I could do. Then I tried to do it. Then I sat and pouted while waiting for ibuprofen to kick in... I am better now. Like, I realized last night I can itch the middle of my back by myself and not go running to the nearest door frame or my Hubby to do it for me!! That's really impressive to me! I can sit in the lotus pose, without using my hands to place my feet and legs. I can do the forward bend with my feet flat on the floor and my face resting on my kneecaps!!! I know, I am being all yoga braggy, but seriously- this improvement on my flexibility has me seriously happy.

I am losing weight because of it to. And hour plus of yoga day is physically tasking, but now- I am about to get a little personal- it has thrown my body into a self detoxing thing. It's brutal. In short, I am pooping a lot. A LOT. I think that might be part of the weight loss thing, but hell- my size 16's are getting comfortably baggy, I am feeling better internally, and it's helping with that whole too much stress/lack of focus thing.

Now, on Wednesday, I did my morning routine with Rodney Yee's soothing voice coaching me and the sounds of the ocean whispering in my ear from the TV. Sienna, laying on the floor next to my yoga mat with that look on her face of, "really mom? This is just awkward..." She reminds me of myself when I was a teenager with that face of hers, sometimes. Anyways- I have been doing additional poses after the half hour Rodney routine. One I saw in the Internet, tried one night and realized, "Holy Shit! I can do it!! And it feels good!!" I will try to explain.

You start in straight leg Downward Facing Dog (facing the floor), lift you left leg high, and twist until you are bordering a Bridge Position, face looking towards the ceiling. Then you bend back to Downward Facing Dog and repeat it on the right side. It kinda looks like a turtle righting himself after a fall, but it feels good! So good! So I have been doing this twice on each side, adding the Knees Chest Chin to Cobra position after each right/left set.

Anyhoo, nothing spectacular happen Wednesday after the morning session. I went to work in my cave and cranked out the final edits on over 150 pictures for a model I shot last Sunday. During the day I started having tightness in my back, right alongside my left shoulder blade. I thought it was just because my office chair isn't the greatest and I spent like six hours glued to it, off and on. I only got up to pee, refill my coffee cup, and change laundry loads. Come evening time, I fed Sienna, took a hot shower, did my evening routine (thinking it would stretch everything back to where it was supposed to be and fix the ouchie back thing).

I loaded up on Naproxen Sodium (Advil essentially) and fashioned myself a dinner of tuna fish, steamed broccoli, homemade mashed taters, and spring water to drink. The pain was getting worse. By eight thirty, I curled up in bed with my sketch book, braced by pillows and waited for my "stupid" show to come on at 10pm. It was starting to be painful when I tried to breath deeply... Not cool. I watched my show "Chicago Fire", laughed at the bullshit representing of both the Fire and EMS world on that show filled with "Backdraft" style eye candy and fell asleep, praying morning wouldn't hurt so bad.

Oh, how wrong I was... Morning brought me tear rendering pain with each breath and left arm movement. No morning yoga session for sure. I deduced I had a rib head out of place. It hurt. It hurt so bad that no matter what I took, it only removed the edge of the blade twisting in my spine. So I had to bear with it, waiting for Hubby to come home. When he did, he had me lay on the living room floor, massaged my back a bit and with one hard thrust downward- the rib head slammed home along with a handful of over vertebrae. I screamed. It hurt. It throbbed. My fingers went cold. I got a puke tummy, and after ten minutes- I could breath without pain. I could lift my arms again. No evening yoga as everything had just been put back in. Thank Goddess!!!

Then he and I took Sienna to her doggy chiro appointment. She came down with a post stress induced extra people/extra dogs Christmas bladder infection. We treated it with antibiotics, but then she came down with a yeast infection (duh, if it happens to me after a run of antibiotics, it will happen to her!), which we treated with yeast pills and yogurt a plenty. Sunday she was off the yeast pills, off the antibiotics and feeling pretty good so we took her to my parents where we helped moved brush to burn piles and cleaned up the grounds around the house. She ran and played and ran some more and chased the quad and played and chased the quad some more... Saturday night- she couldn't walk. Sunday, it was a chore for her to move at all. Monday, she was stiff. Tuesday- her left hind leg was only used if needs be otherwise, she held it up. Same on Wednesday. So I made the back crack appointment. She was not impressed. With two cracks her left hip went back in. With another crack, her lower vertebrae were back in place. And according to her, we couldn't leave the doc's office fast enough. But she is a lot better today. For $25, it is well worth getting the dog's back adjusted :)

So, Sienna and myself are doing much better. We did yoga this morning after fixing the pellet stove issue, cleaning up from Indian food bonanza last night, and paying bills (big plus, we still have money in the bank). So, while I am waiting to go to work this morning (my run has been delayed to do the addition of a deer guard on the front of the ambulance, um... yea...???) I will update a few things here on the blogger and post this massive entry for the day.

P.S.- I am so doing this to at least one shot from every model from now on!!!!


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