In the News... (Rant Machine Just Fired Up, Folks)

On the national news tonight, there was a feature story or two that really got me all hot under the collar, pissed off, and left me standing in the kitchen in my yoga pants yelling at the television while my hubby cooked us sloppy joes and sweet potato fries.

The story the irked me the most was a short one compared to all the others. The number of suicides amongst members of the military has surpassed the number of troops killed in battle overseas. This pissed me off. This filled me with the emotions of anger, disgust, and oddly enough- nostalgia. Now, not too often to I come to stand by the man I affectionately call "stupid ex"; "asshole who cheated on me"... blah blah blah... here in my little blog.

(Climbs up atop a soapbox, fireworks announcing my arrival to my forgotten post, glitter dancing through the air and flags with the word BITCH snapping in the wind)

My ex husband served his country in the Marine Corps. He went into boot camp a month after we started dating, and had been out a little over a year and a half when we divorced. I still love the Marine Corps. I am a huge supporter of our military, but mostly the Marines. The lifestyle I was apart of- witnessed, stood by, got support from... How do you not hold a special place in your heart after that? Just because he turned into a douche, doesn't mean my feelings for the Corps changed. The key wives were by my side via phone lines when I was stranded in the hell that was Washington D.C. on September 11th. And again, when my ex was missing in action for the second longest three days of my life while in the first wave of the recent Iraq war.

Being a former military wife, being friends still with former military wives from my ex's first unit, one of which came home from Iraq with shrapnel from saving eight other Marines from an incoming mortar- I understand what our men and women go through when they come home from war. I have seen it first hand, dealt with the blank stares when the memories come from nowhere, I have felt what it feels like when he winced from a loud noise, or flinched from my touch, I have been hit and fought with while he slept and the nightmares came. I also dealt with the "can't talk about it", "you'd never look at me the same again" whenever I tried to get him to talk to me about what he'd been through. Little did he know- I would have never given him that look.

My Hubby- he has war stories from here. In his ambulance, outside his ambulance- he has told me his war stories, shown me his scars, and talks me through the bad calls, the nightmares, the ghosts that still haunt him. Talking. Venting. That's what our military members need when they come home, physically wounded or not. After they leave the safety of the military hospital or the debriefing room- they need counseling. Our nations military- the leaders of which are in the the Pentagon in D.C. say these suicides need to stop. We need to stop them. You know why these brave men and women who are so damaged mentally from this non-stop war, kill themselves?

Because they don't want to give up their training, their usefulness after they get home from war. If they talk, if they seek PTSD counseling while still on active duty- they get their security clearance pulled. They become THAT Marine, THAT Airmen that talked. That can't be trusted- he talked to the head shrinker. And no one wants to become that person so they suffer in silence. They bottle is up inside like time bombs. Their wives and children suffer from this. So- assholes in the Pentagon- why don't you put up or shut up!!! Give them the counseling they need so less will commit suicide, and DO NOT revoke their security clearance for it! Support the men and women you send over there by giving them the help they so desperately need!!!

(While still firmly planted on my soap box adorned with glitter and fireworks) The other story that pissed me right the hell off?? Gun control measures brought to the worlds stage by VP Biden. Congrats! Four years as the VP and you finally did something! Dumbass. Anyhoo- he wants to stop the sales of automatic rifles. Good idea... Because if you do that- no one will ever use another one, right? Like we will all throw ours in the dumpster out back, shithead. He wants to put a limit on the number of bullets in a "clip" for a weapon. Right... because no one will ever get their hands on another extended "magazine/clip" if you ban them now... I'm sorry. But you're idiots. Seriously. Do you actually think this shit up on your own, or do the other assholes trying to ignore the fiscal cliff debacle feed it to you??? The Newtown shooter. Oh yeah, not only was he an undiagnosed lunatic, but the stole the legally registered weapons from his licensed gun collecting mother- the one he shot in the face... But if we stop selling the automatic weapons, and bring down the number of bullets they can hold- it'll never happen again... I can sum up pretty much everyone on this "task force" that came up with these ideas "DUMBASSES"!!!!

(Waves to the adoring crowd, takes a deep breath, smiles, adjusts the wedgie from my yoga pants and leaves the glitter coated soapbox)


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