Rant Machine- Full Gear, Baby!!!

I mouth off once and again. I do, weird right? But some of the absolute blatant f**king bullshit being blurted out in the aftermath of a massacre in an elementary school is un-f**king-believable.

Friday afternoon, I was in the middle of a photo shoot with a lovely gentleman. The photos were for his modeling portfolio- he wanted to update it. He felt guilty about bailing on work so the shoot was called early, we had about 200 pictures and that was good enough. Some lady on her way to an elevator in a building we were doing shots in asked, "Have you heard what happened in Connecticut? Kids were murdered!" Nice. The model and I parted ways and I headed out to do a few errands that were nagging at me. I turned on AM talk radio. BIG F**KING MISTAKE. I was sobbing and dry heaving two blocks into my driving.

I rushed through my errands, all the while the voices from the radio echoing in my head and seeing "that look" on fellow shoppers faces as they whispered about it to the cashiers at various stores. I hurried back to work in hopes of giving my nephew a hug when he got off the bus, only to find out my brother left work early to pick him up from school. All I wanted to do was hug my nephew, tightly. Friday I kept the news on, watching the coverage, crying, trying not to puke at what my mind was putting together in mental pictures.

All weekend I fought like hell to not watch TV, knowing what it would be all about. Tried. Sunday was unavoidable as we watched our favorite CBS Sunday Morning program and it was laden with the details, and pictures.

Now- this is what pissed me off. What still has me pissed off. By 6:30pm Friday, every national broadcast had splashy graphics with morbid music- images of a mother in the Hollister shirt with the silent scream on her face as she finds out from a state trooper her child is dead. "Respected" journalists are interrogating the surviving children, asking what they heard, what they saw, how they feel. Back off you f**king wolves! Who in the f**k are you to be asking children these questions! More over, who, as a parent, in their right or trauma addled minds lets this happen???

Not an two hours had elapsed after this massacre then the "talking heads" are blithering on about how this is all because we don't have enough gun control! Psychos shouldn't have access to guns! Rattling off all the shootings where the shooters had mental health issues "that nobody tried to fix or saw, till it was too late"!!! Oh, my, god... Seriously? This Lanza guy from Friday, stole the weapons he used from his mother, a licensed gun collector, who, by the way- HE SHOT IN THE FACE! They weren't his, so how in the f**k would harder gun control stopped this you "talking head, big on TV" asshats??? Tell me! How? Screw you and you bullshit about harder gun control!!! Psychos will find weapons, when they want them, by illegal means and use them to kill people. Just pray it doesn't happen to someone you love! That's it! End of File!

Mental health issues now on the forefront: how could Lanza have been stopped? Well, if medical insurance actually covered counseling for mental health issues, maybe. But it doesn't, none of us can afford it, so talk to Obama about that! If his parents saw and recognized the signs, but chose their own version of "tough love would be enough" then there was nothing that could have been done. The parents refused to see they couldn't fix his broken brain and he grew up to kill innocent children and his own mother.

Now I find out this morning, organized religion is now a part of the asshats and their opinions parade! This just gets better doesn't it?(sorry for the language, here's your warning I'm going to go batshit crazy with the curse words) Some useless, profit hounding, look at me, religious, holier then thou mother f**king mono-synaptic f**ktard has decided to mouth off that "Why didn't God stop this man? Why didn't God stop those children from being slain? Because God won't go where he's not wanted. And that is in school ladies and gentlemen. We killed those children by not letting God into our public schools..." Direct quote from this mother f**ker!!! Google it. I don't know his name, don't care too. If I did, I would hunt the asshole down and slay his ass like he deserves!!! Congratulations, asshole, you are now the most hated religious leader in the nation. You sir, deserve what those children didn't.

To jump on the bandwagon of "let's get our idiotic two cents out there and see how many pissed off people we can get" sucks! To tag your own political agenda on this tragedy is f**king sick. You don't deserve to do this- free speech is revoked for these assholes!!! They are using the sadness and traumatic grief being felt by a community that no longer wants to celebrate Christmas because of their children's funerals, for their own political and social gain!!!

Honestly, I would have been better off had they not released the childrens names. Had they not interviewed the chief medical examiner that said, on air, that "No single body has less then 3 rounds in them..." In children. Three rounds. Of that caliber. Those of us familiar with the EMS and medical fields know exactly what kind of damage that would do to an adult- to think of a child in that manner is a one way ticket to insomnia-ville.

How do I feel about gun control? It wouldn't have stopped this. I'm sorry, but it wouldn't. Lock and Load, everyone. Every able bodied, mentally stable person should be allowed to have concealed carry permits. If those school teachers, or the principal had permits- that f**ker wouldn't have gotten off a shot. Are you a lunatic? No. Do you want a gun? Yes. LOCK AND LOAD. To quote a picture I saw on Facebook this weeked- "Navy Seals didn't kill Bin Laden. Guns did. Think about it."

How do I feel about mental health issues, and those that feel the term is being misused in this situation? First part of the question- there are undiaganosed lunatics everywhere. Street corners, schools, grocery stores- EVERYWHERE! How many go undiagnosed until they blow up a school or mall; or go on shooting sprees in crowded movie theaters? A-f**king-lot!!! Second part- those whiners about the term... F**k you. Instead of complaining about it and standing on your pathtetic little soap box- why don't you get to work on making mental health care covered by medical insurnace so maybe- just maybe, and few tragedies like this won't happen!!!

How do I feel about organized religion?? HA! Yeah, we'll cover that some other time. Bonus on that furture entry about how many times I used the F word...

And now... I am off to sort and edit my way through 1900 pictures from the past three days...


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