Fun Hangover...

First Pic: High class shot night with brother & sister in law, notice the gourmet grey salt :)
Second Pic: Sienna's first Christmas with us!!
Third: Brother, Hubby, and I went shopping on Christmas Eve & Bumblebee was in the parking lot!!!

 So this is my breakfast this morning. Sinus meds, vitamens, emergen-c times two flavors, yogurt and banana. While I am letting my red morracoan clay mask dry and detox my face.

The idea of being alone now as completely sunk in. Along with a topsy-turvey stomach, sinus congestion, and over all stress relief hangover... I will admit after the family departed for the great white plains yesterday morning, I went on a cleaning binge. I moved furniture back to it's place, dusted, vaccumed up the hair from having three dogs roaming the house, wiped down counters, tossed half eaten foods from the fridge, cleaned the pellet stove... I did my thing to make the house feel like home again after having it full to capacity for the last five days.

Christmas was A LOT of fun. Hubby & Mine's home accomodated SD Mom & Dad, Brother & Sister-in law, Sister's two little ones, and dogs Gidget, Nellie, and Sienna (ours), plus Hubby's Aunt Cindy who came out on Christmas morning. SD Mom has wanted a Christmas when the bulk of the children were in one place, and we did it! We all took nice long walks in the December "non-snow" air, Hubby cooked and cooked and cooked massive amounts of excellent food, and no major family fights started! It was awesome!!!

Now with the clenaing all done, the house calm, dog sleeping, and cats lounging on furnace vents... I need to resume life normal. Including finishing photo editing of the mass photo shoot week right before the family landed.

 I still have another girl's photos to get done today/tomorrow. She also really wants to do a winter shoot out in the snow as soon as possible.
Since it is that time of year... The time of year when the majority of the Christmas commercials are done and gone, the weight loss plan/ diet drug commercials are on constantly, and the half empty decorative boxes of homemade Christmas cookies are on the dining room table next to the full bowl of fruit... I feel fat. My 16's still fit, for the most part... But I feel very glutton riddled. TV isn't helping. I don't give a fuck if Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson have done great with Weight Watchers / Jenny Craig... Good for you... You'll gain it all back and blame the stress from the paparazzi for it!!! But still... my TV is making me feel fat. Really fat. BUT! My new L sized (not XL) sized yoga pants still make my butt look great and I am comfy! And I love my curves dammit!! Most days, but who doesn't have THOSE DAYS, right ladies??
Now, onto the other main objective for these final days of 2012. New Years Resolutions. Hopefully they won't be too lofty and fairly easy to stick too.
I want to start making money with this photography thing... I want to get out there and start taking pictures that bring me bill paying/ toy purchasing funds. I will be adding more photos to my shop and pimping myself more.
I want to part the piles of digital photo files and find my way to the novels again. I haven't worked on them in ages and they deserve attention too.
As does the blogger here. I need to sit down once a week and get my thoughts, stress, rants, photo fun adventures out there to you, my readers.
I'm not going to say "I want to loose 50 pounds" crap. That won't happen, and I know it. BUT, I am going to try to take better care of myself. I am going to get back on the daily vitamen track and I will also hopefully be starting yoga. Nice, easy, serenity inducing yoga. That will be good for me. If I lose weight, great. If I take small steps to a better lifestyle- way better.
If shit hits the fan and I can't handle things anymore- I am going to re-introduce the "Dance it Out" method to life. Crank up the tunes, shake my ass, and feel better instantly! Might come in handy come bill time each month.
Cross your fingers, make you own fate, keep warm, keep calm, kill zombies, and see you all in the new year!!
Stay tuned for the first of hopefully many photo package offers on here and on Facebook!!!


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