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Fun Hangover...

First Pic: High class shot night with brother & sister in law, notice the gourmet grey salt :) Second Pic: Sienna's first Christmas with us!! Third: Brother, Hubby, and I went shopping on Christmas Eve & Bumblebee was in the parking lot!!!

 So this is my breakfast this morning. Sinus meds, vitamens, emergen-c times two flavors, yogurt and banana. While I am letting my red morracoan clay mask dry and detox my face.

The idea of being alone now as completely sunk in. Along with a topsy-turvey stomach, sinus congestion, and over all stress relief hangover... I will admit after the family departed for the great white plains yesterday morning, I went on a cleaning binge. I moved furniture back to it's place, dusted, vaccumed up the hair from having three dogs roaming the house, wiped down counters, tossed half eaten foods from the fridge, cleaned the pellet stove... I did my thing to make the house feel like home again after having it full to capacity for the last five days.

Rant Machine- Full Gear, Baby!!!

I mouth off once and again. I do, weird right? But some of the absolute blatant f**king bullshit being blurted out in the aftermath of a massacre in an elementary school is un-f**king-believable.

Friday afternoon, I was in the middle of a photo shoot with a lovely gentleman. The photos were for his modeling portfolio- he wanted to update it. He felt guilty about bailing on work so the shoot was called early, we had about 200 pictures and that was good enough. Some lady on her way to an elevator in a building we were doing shots in asked, "Have you heard what happened in Connecticut? Kids were murdered!" Nice. The model and I parted ways and I headed out to do a few errands that were nagging at me. I turned on AM talk radio. BIG F**KING MISTAKE. I was sobbing and dry heaving two blocks into my driving.

I rushed through my errands, all the while the voices from the radio echoing in my head and seeing "that look" on fellow shoppers faces as they whispered about it to …


I have been a naughty little photographer...
I have introduced bright red, fantasy inducing lipstick to a couple new models...

 And I think I like the results... It tis the season, everyone. The season of sick. By body has succumbed to the wandering crud, having been weakened by stress over the course of the past two weeks. What I thought was just a slight sinus infection (took meds, sinus' cleared, sore throat vanished- felt better for four days) has come back with a wicked vengenace in the last 24 hours. I have a brutal, rib rattling cough that expells a nasty tasting yuck onto my tongue and leaves my lungs burning for minutes after a single cough. I have a fever of 101.5 (thank god it isn't higher), a stopped up nose (after another amazing sinus clearing yesterday, behind the wheel, on the road, seriously not cool) I feel better in bursts, like I felt better for a bit and brought down 10 40lb bags of wood pellets into the basement, took a shower in hopes it would break u…