"New Blood" My Summer Project...

It's a little late, this I know... But as promised, here are some of the promotional pictures from my summer project "New Blood" a photo-graphic novel by Lawrence Heibel & Heibel Media.
Jordan and Alyssa having a tasty nibble on a handsome couple...

The Cast of "New Blood"
I meant so many wonderful people during my work on this project, not taking photos until the very end, mind you- but I was the make their hair shiny, keeper of the hooker red lipstick, and blood dribbling girl. When shoots ran long- like into the wee morning hours, I also provided much needed comic relief to those weary vampires stalking the drunk people addled shadowy streets of Grand Rapids.
I have gained many new friends and a new aspect of how to better photograph themed subjects. I've gained knowledge into the world of photography when it comes to more then one model and how much sometimes you just really need a good laugh to keep going when the shots aren't turning out on the first try and when the caffiene runs out.

And for those people squeamish about blood, fake or otherwise... LOOK AWAY NOW!!!
For the rest of you, these were more fun then I can describe :)

Then... "The Bloody Good Assistant" aka myself, got her due... I was attacked by the beautiful immortals... What's not seen in this picture- the bloody hand prints on my bottom side that Hubby got a kick out of when I got home that night. Yes- I drove home, looking like this... "But what if you got pulled over?" you might ask... Well, my answer... "I would have the coolest phuqueing (say it out loud, you'll get it) mug shot- EVER!!!"

This is Alyssa aka Candice

This is Emma aka Lauren


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