Define Absent...

The definition of absent: adj. 1. Not present; missing.  2. Not existent; lacking  3. Exhibiting or feeling inattentiveness  4. To keep oneself away
In short, my life here on the blog is many versions of the definition of the word, absent. And for this, I am sorry. While there have been highlights here and there, for the most part the past month has sucked, in one way or another. Stress, could be the definition of things as of late. But, stress, is mostly on its way out the door and I feel life can resume its normal pace.
My parents are settled well into their new home and Dad is all together too happy doing putter projects every night after work and making plans for other things to be done this spring when better weather holds. But they will be getting new windows installed in the second story of the house within the next 30 days. Note; these are all the windows I spent two days shrink wrapping for them L Oh well, no big deal. I am sitting here at my kitchen table, looking to the East and see my family home, standing cold and dark in the lessening November evening light. And I’m not sad. I’m not happy either, but I’m not sad. I know Mom and Dad are happy in the new house, and honestly- they’ve settled in there so well it almost seems as if they’ve lived there forever, that makes me happy. Change, while it may suck while you’re in the thick of it, isn’t really so bad once you’re on the other side of it.
Another subtle reason I haven’t been blogging a lot it that I didn’t really want to voice my opinion and the never ending flood of political bullshit we’ve all been choking recently. At what point did we (as in everyone) decide to ruin friendships and force our beliefs down our friend’s throats via social media? Facebook, Twitter… you name it! Facebook has honestly been the worst. I can’t even stand to look at it right now, and probably didn’t really look at it over the course of the past week. It sickens me to see people ripping others apart because one believed in Mittens Romney and the other one believed in Obama. Right now, on Facebook, a friend of mine’s siblings are tearing into each other left and right because of one statement made by my friend. Sick!
Did I vote for Mittens, no. Did I vote for Obama? Hell no! Because of his bank bailouts my parents are no longer living in my family home!! But I also didn’t throw away a vote be scribbling in Obi Wan Kenobi, either. I voted Libertarian. Which is a viable, yet not really supported ballot choice. All I know is that I couldn’t make myself fill in that circle next to either Obama or Mittens. But- in all honesty- the not so far fetched concept that if the election ended in a tie last night; that the US Senate would have to choose the President, and the US House of Represenatives would have to choose the Vice President… That made me smile. Almost more than my peppermint swirl shake from Arby’s I had with dinner. The idea that it could be a Romney/Biden White House, made me giggle.  Dumb and Dumber anyone? Or Obama/Ryan White House? Liar and Creepy Eyes Guy? Awesome combinations don’t’ you think? Take my opinion as just that, MY opinions. I think Mittens is a Douche with no fucking clue on women’s issues other then- he’s Mormon that believes in having multiple subservient wives. And Obama? He’s just a fucking liar that backed the wrong financial horse and cost my family, and thousands of others their precious home memories.
But it’s all over now. No more political phone calls; radio ads; television mud slinging; bullshit look at me debates… It’s all done. For now. Until 2014 when the politic fueled bullshit machine winds up and starts sputtering crap clouds from its exhaust stack. Never, EVER have I been so excited at the thought of normal annoying television commercials and dare I say it… Christmas commercials. Bring’em on! Please? It’ll be better than what’s been on the last year or so…
In the other realm- my life that is- Saturday will bring a close to a project I have been a part of for the better part of the last six months. My reason for hanging out with “those model type people”. And by next week Wednesday (hopefully, crossing fingers and toes) I can really open up about what it was, what I was doing, and show you all the promotional pictures so you all can take part in it, by buying the book and e-books coming out later this month. Wahoo!!! That’s right ya’ll, I was helping a fellow photographer realize his dream of a photo-graphic novel. A graphic novel, but not one that’s drawn like a comic book. Rather photos telling a story. Stay tuned for teaser pictures getting posted next week sometime. This project has given me more than an experience. It has given me a new group of people that I consider very close personal friends. And more people for me to photograph (wink, wink).
As of Sunday afternoon, Hubby and I will be having a house guest. SD Mom will be getting picked up by us, from Grandpa’s Sunday morning and she’ll be here until Wednesday!  I love her! I love hanging out with her! I love her cooking!! She finally gets to meet her new Grandpuppy, Sienna! Oh… you better believe I’ll be stocked up on wine too J
But, I have made this a valid attempt to get a blog out there for you all… If you’ll excuse me, I must finish the final stage of my photo week theme for next week. I will leave you with the last nine or ten weeks worth of theme weeks…



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